My career over the past seven years hasn’t been perfect—in fact, we could all agree that if we had the chance, we’d probably turn back time and do certain things a little bit differently.

Alas, this isn’t possible (otherwise someone please tell me where can I get one of those time machines). However, I have learned several valuable lessons throughout my experience that might help you as you navigate your own career.

Pst—you’re not too late to do any of these things!

1. Invest Less in Materials, More in Your Mind

The trajectory of your career will be largely based on how you decide to spend your initial paychecks. You’ll be tempted to spend it on getting a nicer apartment, upgrading your clothes, and going out to fancier restaurants.

While these aren’t necessarily bad things—you deserve to treat yourself every once in a while—you might want to think about spending your money on knowledge instead. It’ll not only give you the greatest return on investment, but also be the one thing that lasts over time.

There are certain skills that are applicable to any job, such as communication, knowing how to effectively read and write, building strong relationships, networking, and time management, while there are obviously others that are more specific to your industry.

To expand on any of these, you have several options for investing your money (instead of having a luxurious weekend away)—you can take an online class, or buy a career-boosting book, or even hire a career coach.

2. Make Health a Number One Priority

Health is the foundation that accelerates everything in your life, including your career. It elevates your creativity, energy, and grit to get through the inevitable ups and downs you’ll experience.

For far too long, I struggled to find breakthroughs in my career because I was neglecting my health, both mental and physical. This led to having less willpower and discipline during my day, and thus being less productive over time.

Prioritizing your health isn’t just a one-time task. It actually has to take priority over everything you do. That means scheduling it into your calendar, making investments to buy the right food and exercise regularly, and even giving up other bad habits.

It’s true: Once you have your health together, everything else comes easier.

3. Learn How to Best Manage Your Time (Whatever That Means for You)

How we spend our time ultimately determines how much we accomplish in our lifetime. While 30 minutes here or there getting sucked into Facebook or taking one too many coffee breaks doesn’t feel like much, it can start to add up in a bad way.

The thing is, how you manage your time is something only you can figure out—everyone works through their to-dos in different ways.

The best time management tactics I’ve learned over time—that might help you get started—are usually the simplest. For example, you can try scheduling everything into your calendar so each task has a specific time frame for completion.

Or, you can try the “One Thing” strategy of asking yourself, “What’s the onetask I can complete that will make everything else easier or unnecessary?”

Or, you can try one of these six better productivity hacks for people who don’t love the “famous” ones.

We can’t control how time passes, but we can maximize it to be, do, and achieve more.

4. Treat Every Relationship as Life-Long

The person you meet today may be someone you work with two, five, or 10 years from now. He or she could be an employee you want to hire, a potential business partner, or even your future boss.

When you treat every relationship as a lifelong relationship, you’ll be more giving, more patient, and more pleasant to be around.

To practice this daily, you need to focus on giving first without expecting anything in return. This might mean checking in with someone you met at a networking event via social media or over email every few months to see what’s new with them. Or, setting aside time in your calendar to regularly have lunch with team members.

And, you never know how even the most insignificant relationships will help you down the road. For example, because she stayed in contact with a networking connection, Ann Shoket, author and former Editor-in-Chief at Seventeen Magazine, turned a one-time meetup into the job that launched her career.

5. Think Bigger

One of the most common regrets I hear from successful people I interviewis that they “didn’t think big enough.”

Many of the things we want in our lives will come to us as long as we give ourselves the permission to receive them. I’m sure there are things you have in your life today that five years ago you only dreamed about.

Whether you’re looking for a promotion, a new career opportunity, or a better life overall, it starts by thinking 10X bigger and raising your standards.

Source: https://www.themuse.com/advice/5-things-i-would-do-differently-if-i-could-start-my-career-again

autumn leaves

Hi there everyone on the Central Coast!  It may be cooling down on the weather side of things, but not when it comes to jobs!  We’ve got jobs and news for you – CLICK HERE to get updated.

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Our world is changing and the options for how we work are changing too. High speed technology is allowing us to work smarter, not harder so we can focus on the quality of the work we create, rather than the hours we spend in an office.


For the many people commuting every day from the Central Coast to Sydney, Newcastle and the Hunter there is now the option to have an office away from the office with full functionality, technical and admin support. Desk(s), meetings rooms and creative ‘thinking’ spaces can be booked to meet your needs.

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Training Information Forum

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Macquarie Community College Offering Local Subsidised Training




 Macquarie Community College would like to invite you to attend their Training Information Forum.

No matter what your current level of training is, or where you are on your career pathway, there is a course that is suitable for you.  Macquarie Community College has a wide range of courses available to suit each individual.

Come and meet with Macquarie Community College Course Advisors and find out what government funding and support you may be eligible for.

Realise your potential at Macquarie Community College.

Contact us for more information on 1300 745 816 or click below to Book Your Seat.

Click Here to Book Your Seat for our Tumbi Umbi Training Information Forum at 1pm and 7pm on March 4th 2015

Click Here to Book Your Seat for our Gosford Training Information Forum at 1pm and 7pm on March 3rd 2015

 Macquarie Community College would like to invite you to attend their Training Information Forum.

Macquarie Community College are participating in Smart and Skilled – a reform of the NSW vocational education and training system. Under Smart and Skilled the NSW Government contributes to the cost of each course with the student paying the balance.

You are eligible for Smart and Skilled Funding if you are:

  •  15 years old or over, and
  • no longer at school, and
  • living or working in NSW (or an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person living in specific NSW border areas), and
  • an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident, Australian permanent humanitarian visa holder or New Zealand citizen
  • or are a NSW apprentice or trainee

Smart and Skilled includes funding for:

  •  Certificate I and II foundation skills qualifications
  • Certificate II and III vocational qualifications.
  • Eligible Students who haven’t completed a Certificate IV or higher-level qualification are entitled to enrol in a subsidised course up to Certificate III.
  • Apprenticeship and selected new-entrant traineeship qualifications at all levels.
  • NSW apprentices and most new-entrant trainees may be eligible for a government subsidy for the training.
  • Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma full qualifications.
  • Eligible Students can enrol in subsidised training at Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma level, depending on the availability of funding for these courses.
  • Pre-vocational and part qualifications, including skill sets.

For a full list of smart and skilled qualifications and to estimate your fees go to smartandskilled.nsw.gov.au

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There is much in common between a prestige motor dealer and an on-line jobs website.

And it’s these qualities in common that has prompted Worthington Prestige, on the corner of the Central Coast Highway and Kangoo Road at Kariong, to become a business partner with JobsOnTheCoast.com.au.

“We realise that many people who go to a jobs website are not just looking for a job but for a position to improve themselves,” said General; Sales Manager at Worthington Prestige Joel Rees.

“Cars are like jobs – they say a lot about who we are and what we aspire to be,” he said.
Mr Rees said the decision was based on sound business statistics, too.

“JobsOnTheCoast.com.au has high volume web traffic and we like to be in front of as many people as we can be.”

The dealer’s presence on the site will be a mix of institutional or signature advertising together with some product display.

The dealership has BMW and Mini brands as well as motorcycles and used cars. It has a service department for these brands and for other makes.

Dealer principals Brad and Vanessa Worthington are the second generation of the family to be in the dealership, following on from Brad’s parents, Kevin and Helen, who had their first dealership on Parramatta Road in Sydney.

The Gosford showroom has been on its site for 12 years.

JobsOnTheCoast.com.au’s Partnerships Director David Smeeth said jobs and cars were two marketplaces that were once dominated by newspapers but they had now moved to the internet.

“It makes sense for these two popular interests to be together because they account for enormous amount of web traffic,” he said.

Just as motor dealer’s seek to build long-term relationships with their clients, JobsOnTheCoast.com.au strives to be the one-stop jobs website for the Central Coast, whether it’s looking for a new or better job or in the market to hire new talent and experience.

JobsOnTheCoast provides specific services to business wanting to recruit, whether it be through a variety of ‘self-service’ products or requiring a more involved and consultative approach.

“Yes, we are trying to be all things to all people when it comes to jobs – finding them, filling them and displaying them.”

The website can be viewed at www.jobsonthecoast.com.au and businesses that want to find out more can contact David on 0419 168 177 or by email on david.smeeth@jobsonthecoast.com.au


JobsOnTheCoast has a new business partner – Central Coast accounting firm Robson Partners.

Business partnerships are part of the JobsOnTheCoast.com.au philosophy of making the site and its sister-site, SkillsOnTheCoast, a one-stop destination for relevant and information and advice on all employment matters in the region.

Robson Partners Director Troy Marchant says his firm linked with the website because of shared business and social values and a common vision for progress on the Central Coast, of which jobs is an integral part.

Financial and employment management are two key factors in business success, he said.

Part of Robson Partners’ commitment to better business is regular – usually monthly – seminars at its Albany Street (North) office in Gosford on business topics and the economy.

“A combination of our partners’ expertise and guest speakers on key topics is used at these seminars,” Mr Marchant said.

The firm specialises in all aspects of accounting, from basic tax returns to financial management for companies with more than $25 million turnover.

It was established in Gosford 25 years ago and now has a branch office in Sydney.

JobsOnTheCoast.com.au’s Partnerships Director David Smeeth said the addition of Robson Partners was further evidence of the value seen in serving and encouraging employment on the Central Coast through collaboration.

“This forms an integral part of our goal to become a complete employment marketplace where employers can engage with JobsOnTheCoast and have all their workforce development needs satisfied, whether it is advertising a vacancy or shopping for candidates with particular skills and experience,” he said.

“Jobs On The Coast engages daily with employers from across the region, so it is developing into an on-line community of shared business values.”

JobsOnTheCoast also provided specific services to business wanting to recruit, whether it was head-hunting or the primary selection management of applicants.

“Yes, we are trying to be all things to all people when it comes to jobs – finding them, filling them and displaying them.”

The website can be viewed at www.jobsonthecoast.com.au and businesses that want to find out more can contact David on 0419 168 177 or by email on david.smeeth@jobsonthecoast.com.au

brazel Moore



Central Coast law firm Brazel Moore Lawyers has introduced a free first consultation for anyone thinking of a separation or divorce.
Brazel Moore has been operating on the Central Coast since 1981 and is well known for its series of seminars on most legal topics, including family law, at various venues.
Now, the firm’s Senior Family Law Solicitor Julia Ejelovitch provides a free fist consultation customised for the person seeking advice about separation or divorce, one of the most difficult periods and processes in a person’s life.
“In the free consultation, I firstly obtain the relevant details relating to each client’s circumstances and then answer specific questions about family law issues,” Ms Ejelovitch said.
“The focus is on options available to each person to resolve the issues, with suggestions on the best avenue for them to take in order to deal as painlessly as possible with the breakdown of the relationship and resulting problems.”
A strategy is mapped for the clients to adopt, both at the time of contemplating separation and when they are involved in a dispute about property and/or children.
“In my advice I cover all significant issues relating to a specific client’s case,” she said.
“With property, common issues are the division of assets, including superannuation, financial support from one spouse to the other, and child support.
“With respect to children’s matters, clients normally want advice about arrangements for children after separation, such as who the children are to live with and terms of their contact with the other parent.”
The length of a consultation depends on the complexity of the matter and the issues to be covered in preliminary advice.
“Our approach is highly individual,” Ms Ejelovitch said.
To arrange a free consultation, call Brazel Moore Lawyers on 02 4324 7699 for an appointment.
The firm’s regular public seminars are held in Gosford RSL and Mingara and the schedule is on its website; www.brazelmoorelawyers.com.au. The next are on September 16, October 14, November 12 and December 9 at Gosford RSL, starting at 6:45pm.
In addition, regular two-hour information sessions with a short presentation followed by question and answer time will be held on Saturdays at 1:30pm from early September in the public library at Erina Fair. Check the website or local newspapers for dates.

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Here is this week’s video update from Tim O’Brien (Founder of JobsOnTheCoast.com.au) relating to the Central Coast employment market.

We hope these updates will be of interest and benefit to local businesses and job seekers.  To view this week’s (approximately 90 second) video on our YouTube channel, simply click the following link …

Central Coast Weekly Update 18th August 2014

Did you know it is possible to borrow money within your self-managed superannuation fund (SMSF) to purchase an investment property or shares? Introduced in 2007, borrowing in your SMSF can be a good alternative to borrowing and investing in your own name, a trust or company.

There are many advantages of borrowing in your superannuation including:
Superannuation has a reduced tax rate (15% in accumulation phase and 0% in pension phase) meaning lower taxes on income and capital gains.
Superannuation funds pay only reduced capital gains tax (10% in accumulation phase and 0% in pension phase) if the asset is held more than 12 months.
You can ‘unlock’ your superannuation and use it as a deposit on an investment property.
You can borrow up to 70% of funds to invest.
You can control and manage your superannuation investments.

Many people are more comfortable investing in direct property (something tangible they can see), rather than in shares and managed funds.
You can buy your business premises in your SMSF, freeing up funds to inject into your business.

Interest rates on borrowing within superannuation are typically higher than they are on a typical residential home loan. However if you have cash available, it is possible to ‘self-lend’ to your SMSF. Alternatively, if you have equity in your home, it is possible to borrow against your home (at a lower interest rate) and ‘self-lend’ this money to your SMSF to invest. The most popular types of investments are commercial property and high yielding shares which typically have yields in excess of the interest costs, meaning the investments are self-funded or positively geared. Investments such as residential property are also possible. Example Mark is 45 and has a balance of $150,000 in superannuation. Mark has no mortgage on his home so is able to borrow $500,000 at 5.5% interest and lends this to his superannuation fund to invest. The SMSF pays Mark $27,500 (5.5%) interest per year and invests the $650,000 in a commercial property that receives an annual rental return of $55,250 (8.5%). This results in a profit of $27,750 per year, which is then taxed at the reduced tax rate of 15% in accumulation phase and 0% in pension phase. Had the property been owned in Mark’s personal name, he would have been taxed at a rate of up to 47.5%. As Mark plans to hold onto the property until he is 65, he won’t have to pay any capital gains tax when he sells the property

Interested to learn more?
If you are interested in finding out more about borrowing in superannuation, please visit www.fpcc.com.au/borrowinginsuper.html or call Daniel Smith on 02 4367 3333 to discuss how it may be an effective wealth accumulation strategy for you. The information/advice provided is general advice only. It has been prepared without taking into account any of your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. Before acting on this advice you should consider the appropriateness of the advice, having regard to your own objectives, financial situation and needs. Always seek specific advice from a SMSF experienced advisor prior to considering borrowing in your SMSF. We suggest a diversified portfolio.

Tips for Employers.
Limited time offer to borrow up to 80% to buy commercial premises at standard interest rates.

Are you looking to buy commercial premises but don’t have access to the 35% deposit required? Or perhaps you have an existing business loan on your premises and need access to some extra working capital. JobsOnTheCoast.com.au sponsor for commercial and residential finance for both the Central Coast and Hunter regions, Finance On The Coast currently has access to a special business loan deal offered by a major bank. The campaign allows you to borrow up to 80% towards the purchase of commercial premises at standard interest rates.This means you will only need to fund 20% of the purchase price of the commercial premises instead of the usual 35%. If you have an existing loan on your commercial premises, you could capitalise on the offer by refinancing the existing loan to borrow extra funds and utilise the equity in your premises to boost your working capital. To qualify for this special business loan offer, you must be up-to-date with your ATO obligations and have been self-employed for at least 12 months. Best of all, you will only be required to supply your last BAS statement as opposed to the usual bank requirement to supply the last 3 years’ business and personal tax returns. If you would like to know more about this special offer contact Finance On the Coast Director, Phil Riches: P: 0418 204 304 E: phil@financeonthecoast.com.au W:www.financeonthecoast.com.au

Tips for Job Seekers
Tips to thrive in today’s job market

Keep working at something while waiting for the right job to come along – even if it’s an unpaid internship or voluntary work – it will look better on your resume if you keep busy.
Don’t go to university just to bide time – don’t enroll in a degree course (which can result in a substantial debt to pay) unless you intend to use it.
Pay attention to your covering letter – if your covering letter doesn’t grab a prospective employer’s attention, they may not even get to your resume.
Tell everyone you know that you’re in the market for a job – connections can lead to a foot in the door.
Aim to do something you love – passion leads to perfection, which in turn can lead to great success.
Network via social media – while LinkedIn is the popular choice for professional connections, Facebook can also lead to useful information in terms of potential job openings (especially if you connect with us on the JobsOnTheCoast Facebook page)
Dress to impress – ensure you have at least one outfit that you feel confident wearing and is suitable for an interview.

February and March were busy months here at JobsOnTheCoast headquarters. Site growth continues to be strong (as you will see from our stats. Connection with an ever-increasing number of people on Facebook also continues to be strong and we are finding the social media platform to be an effective and popular interactive communication tool for both employers and job seekers. Current Job vacancies
Central Coast – 198
Hunter/Newcastle – 257

We Welcome a New Hunter Partner
We are pleased to announce that SIMFIN Financial Planning is now on board as a new Promotional Partner for the Hunter region. SIMFIN, led by Simeon Levin, is part of the Fitzpatrick Dealer Group and is regarded as a leading team of experts in financial planning and wealth management within the Hunter region. The company has a particular interest in the healthcare and medical sector (the largest employer in both the Central Coast and Hunter regions) and we look forward to their assistance and support towards connecting more regional jobseekers with local employers.

The Numbers
We are pleased to report the following comparative statistics based on Google Analytics data (comparison between February 2012 and February 2013):
Site Visits – 44.23% increase
Unique Visitors – 41.29% increase
Page views – 77.21% increase
Bounce Rate – 23.06% decrease (the goal is a decreased bounce rate)
JobsInTheHunter.com.au welcomed

Our presence has been strongly welcomed by the business contacts we have made so far in the Hunter region where the employment market and business community is extremely dynamic. We recently met with three significant recruitment businesses in the Hunter who each told us they see the service as a great initiative that will allow them to connect more effectively with the local workforce.

Showcasing our Regional ‘Skilled & Available’ Workforce
Following a suggestion from NSW Trade & Investment we intend to roll out a new initiative supported by the state government. The plan is to showcase specific profiles of ‘Skilled and Available’ candidates in both local regions via JobsOnTheCoast.com.au (Central Coast and Hunter sites). We also plan to adopt a strategy to actively promote the ‘Skilled and Available’ workforce to employers. This initiative will help to fill a gap in the existing jobs board market, which was clearly highlighted to us by the state government.