THE key to great photography is in photographing the things you love.

That’s the view of Central Coast amateur photographer Jeremy Royston of Wamberal whose beautiful images of the Central Coast are well known his thousands of Instagram followers.

“Start in your back yard — you don’t have to travel far to get a good photo,” Jeremy said.

“You don’t need heaps of expensive gear — the average mobile phone is very powerful — and just keep practising and shooting,” he said.

“I think there was a stage there for about a year when I just never stopped getting up for sunrises and I didn’t even care what it was like — I just kept going down and watching the sunrise and just enjoying it.”

It’s good advice ahead of #SnapCoast on November 22 which is a photographic celebration of everything we love about the Central Coast.

Mr Royston, 31, has lived in Wamberal all his life. He went to Wamberal Primary School, then Terrigal High School and has been chef at East Gosford’s Cafe Jam for more than a decade.

The nature and landscapes of the Central Coast are at the heart of Jeremy Royston’s photographic passion.

He started out just shooting on his mobile phone but is now using a Canon 70D which he plans to upgrade soon.

“One of my mates was getting photos I really liked from his Canon 70D and it’s very easy to use. It’s got the touch screen on the back and it’s got all the functions that you need — manual mode and bold mode and basically everything you need for a start up intermediate sort of camera,” he said.


Source: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/newslocal/central-coast/five-great-photo-spots-to-try-on-snapcoast-day-2017/news-story/5548225ed19b6c21b326aa5afa0f5e59

Weekly Jobs Update

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Dog on ice

Here’s our suggestion for beating the heat this weekend.  Crank the fan up to high, gorge on icy poles and search for the the coolest jobs on the Central Coast right here!

Weekly Jobs Update

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sun 2

It’s hot outside – and we’ve got the latest hot jobs on the Central Coast right here.  Click here to bask in your weekly update…

Weekly Jobs Update

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Welcome to our first jobs update for 2017!  We wish you lots of success in your career this year.  Whether you’re actively looking, just keeping an eye out for something special or keeping your friends and family up to date, we have all the latest jobs right here!

Weekly Jobs Update

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Here is your last Weekly Jobs Update for 2016!  The team at Jobs On The Coast wish you a very Happy Christmas and Joyous New Year!

Weekly Jobs Update

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We’ve got all the latest jobs latest jobs in the Central Coast region, right here on Jobs On The Coast.   Click here to view and apply!

Weekly Jobs Update!

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Here it is – your weekly jobs update for the Central Coast!  Keep up to date with all the latest vacancies right here and good luck with those applications!


Carers, Administrators, Tradies, Sales Professionals, Hairdressers, Nurses…  Just a few of the roles on offer on Jobs On The Coast this week!  Click here to see these and 175 local job listings available now!


If you’re waiting for that lucky break during your job search, consider this quote:

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”  (Seneca)

So, spruce up your Resume, shine those shoes and connect to some great local opportunities in our weekly jobs update, right here!


At Jobs On The Coast we think the perfect way to end the week is to plan for the weekend!  If you’re looking for inspiration, we suggest clicking here to read our Weekly Local Jobs Update and then getting along to the Central Coast Kids Day Out on Sunday.  Here’s to a great weekend!

Despite the school holidays, it’s still busy in the jobs market place!  Here is some of the activity from JobsOnTheCoast.com.au this week.

Click here to see our weekly Jobs On The Coast Update

The Central Coast Try a Skill is a local event hosting Year 9 &10 High School students allowing them the opportunity to experience hands on, different vocations and trades to assist them to make career choices for their future.

The event is targeted at students who are looking for a post school Apprenticeship, School Based Apprenticeship or Traineeship.

The Central Coast Try a Skill will host High School students from 26 Central Coast Schools and Early School Leavers from Job Services Providers. During the event students have the opportunity rotate through a range of trade experiences where they can interact and try a range of skills lead by industry professionals.

The program has been established to:

  • Motivate students and others through a hands-on experience
  • Share information about career choices
  • Encourage participants to appreciate that skill education and training offer more choices for the future

Coordinated by a partnership of Central Coast organisations –Central Coast Regional GTO Network, Worldskills, TAFE NSW – Hunter Institute and Central Coast Apprenticeship & Traineeships Advisory Committee, the Central Coast Try a Skill offers over 25 different skills providing a broad range of opportunities for participants.

The 2015 Try a Skill is sponsored by Hunter TAFE, Australian Business Apprenticeship Centre, Regional Development Australia Central Coast, Novaskill, Master Builders Association, and The ORS Group.

This year’s Try a Skill will be held at Hunter TAFE Ourimbah Campus, Brush Road, in the Carpentry Barn on the 17th June, commencing at 9.00am.

For any enquiries please contact Michelle Bond on 43532655 or email tryaskill@ccgt.com.au


There are mixed messages in the November unemployment figures.

Seasonally adjusted, the Bureau of Statistics show a total of 40,800 part-time jobs and 1,800 full-time jobs were added to the economy but the national unemployment rate has gone to a 12-year high at 6.3 per cent.

The Central Coast of NSW sits just above the national average at 6.7 per cent.

JobsOnTheCoast.com.au’s David Smeeth said the figures showed that many of the full-time positions had gone to those already in work.

“This shows there is still the chance for the people with the right skills and experience to get ahead,” he said.

“This is positive news, but worrying aspects are the number of part-time jobs, pointing to a growing level of underemployment, and youth unemployment continues to creep higher.

“Underemployment is often a ‘make-do’ job and not the career and development of specialised skills that is typically available in full-time work.

“Employability is always a combination of skills and experience, and part-time work provides limited levels of both.”

Mr Smeeth said youth unemployment was a structural problem that needed policies and attention at the three levels of government in co-operation with suitable industries.

“There is often comment that people should be prepared to move to get work, but the success of JobsOnTheCoast.com.au and its focus on jobs on the Central Coast shows that people want to work where they are committed for lifestyle, family and social reasons,” he said.

The JobsOnThe Coast.com.au website was created to enable people to find work and advancement in their local area, where they have the local knowledge and infrastructure to support them through the transition, he said.

JobsOnTheCoast.com.au aims to be a one-stop employment and skills marketplace for the Central Coast, whether it’s looking for a new or better job or being in the market to hire new talent and experience through its sister-site, SkillOnTheCoast.com.au.

The website can be viewed at www.jobsonthecoast.com.au and businesses that want to find out more can contact David on 0419 168 177 or by email on david.smeeth@jobsonthecoast.com.au


The release yesterday of the October employment figures comes amid a few months of doubts about their accuracy and value.
Nationally, unemployment rate has held steady at 6.2 per cent, with more than 24,000 jobs created last month.
September figures were revised after the Bureau of Statistics re-evaluated seasonal adjustment because of recent survey changes.
JobsOnTheCoast.com.au Founder Tim O’Brien says it’s time to develop more reliable and useful monthly jobs figures.
“When the Australian economy was booming, there wasn’t the same need for these figures as there is now because there was virtually full employment,” Mr O’Brien said.
“But, even then, there was talk of Australia’s multiple economies and how resource states had a different – better – economic profile than others.
“This situation exists as a regional level and we need strong, reliable data so regional economies can adjust and plan.”
Mr O’Brien said regions were encouraged to develop strategic plans for their economic and social progress, usually through state and local governments or agencies, and to optimise these strategies solid research data was needed.
After capital investment in a region, the level and nature of available jobs was the usual indicator of progress and success, he said.
“At JobsOnTheCoast we are looking for ways to collaborate with other relevant bodies and agencies to ensue that up-to-date and reliable data is available on the local regional employment landscape.”
Mr O’Brien said the value of a regional approach in service to the jobs market had been demonstrated by the success of the JobsOnTheCoast approach to regional employment development over the past three years, with hundreds of local jobs being advertised.
It now had websites in two NSW regions and one in Queensland.


The Hon Tony Abbott MP, Prime Minister of Australia joined with Mrs Karen McNamara MP, Federal Member for Dobell on Saturday to officially launch the 2014 Central Coast Rugby Sevens tournament.

“It was an honour to welcome the Prime Minister to the Central Coast to kick off this year’s tournament,” Mrs McNamara said


“The Prime Minister’s presence demonstrates the Government’s commitment to sport and tourism here on the Central Coast and acknowledges the benefits a tournament such as this brings to our region.”

The Prime Minister presented the match ball to game officials prior to the first contest between the Aussie Pearls and New Zealand Wasps women’s teams before sounding the opening siren.

Mrs McNamara was appointed Ambassador for the Women’s Tournament ahead of this year’s competition and said it was a special moment to have the Prime Minister greet players from two of the best women’s Rugby Seven teams in the world.

“The Aussie Pearls certainly got a boost from having our Prime Minister join them on the field before their first game,” Mrs McNamara said.

“I’m committed to developing the Central Coast as the sports tourism capital of
New South Wales. Tournaments such as this allow us to welcome players and supporters from around the world and showcase our beautiful region.”

“It’s great to see the Central Coast Rugby Sevens continuing to grow and prosper every year. I look forward to welcoming the Prime Minister back to the Central Coast to enjoy our sport and tourism events in the future,” Mrs McNamara concluded.

Safety Response

Safety training and management is like insurance – when you need it, there is no substitute for it.
Safe Response is a safety training and management company with agents and trainers on the Central Coast, in the Hunter and throughout Australia providing risk audits, emergency management procedure documents, pre- and post incident planning, certificates and approvals and business recovery services.
It is the latest company to enter a strategic partnership with JobsOnTheCoast.com.au and JobsInTheHunter.com.au because of shared business values.
Just as the jobs websites are building to become a one-stop site for all things to do with jobs and hiring, Safe Response aims to be a complete package to help with workplace safety and incident management.
Safe Response Pty Ltd Director Jesse McNeilly said there were almost 128,000 work-related accidents in 2010-2011, resulting in 220 deaths and a cost of more than $60 billion or almost 5 per cent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product.
It is impossible for even moderately large companies to have the expertise and experience to train for and manage every potential crisis, and that is where a specialist company is indispensible.
“Our strict benchmark means we have decades of fire, paramedic, policing and military experience, which makes us highly sought-after,” Mr McNeilly said.
JobsOnTheCoast.com.au’s Partnerships Director David Smeeth says there are many intersections where businesses cross paths in modern commerce, and there are many more intersections at which any business can reasonably position itself.
“That’s why careful selection must be made of businesses with which you are linked.
“We are delighted Safe Response has become a partner because workplace safety and employee welfare are important for attracting the best candidates for any job vacancy and for retaining the necessary skills and experience in any business’s workforce,” Mr Smeeth said.
JobsOnTheCoast provides specific services to business wanting to recruit, whether it is through a variety of ‘self-service’ products or requiring a more involved and consultative approach.



The region’s leading provider of vocational education and training has renewed its partnership with JobsOnTheCoast.com.au.
Hunter TAFE is the major provider of quality vocational education and training in the Central Coast Region, with more than 13,000 students enrolled in 180 programs, from short courses and certificates to diplomas, advanced diplomas and associate degrees.
A reputation for quality has led to the expansion and demand of Central Coast training on three campus locations at Gosford, Wyong and Ourimbah and Centres of Excellence in Hair and Beauty and Accounting.
Hunter TAFE has been a partner with JobsOnTheCoast.com.au since the site launched in 2011.
JobsOnTheCoast.com.au has more than a hundred job vacancies listed at any one time and has had almost 3000 listed in the past financial year. It also has 8500 social media followers, almost 7400 email subscribers and has had 656,000 page views in the financial year.
A presence on what is fast becoming the premier jobs website in the region, JobsOnTheCoast.com.au was a natural affiliation for TAFE, said the website’s Partnerships Director David Smeeth.
“Any part of career selection is a combination of researching what sectors with promise are hiring and what skills will be needed to secure a position or advancement,” Mr Smeeth said.
“Now, one website is the portal to those answers at a regional level.”
Hunter TAFE CEO/Institute Director Phil Cox says the partnership will ensure people looking for employment have access to vocational education and training support through Hunter TAFE.
“Hunter TAFE provides the highest quality and broad choice of programs and courses to meet the best interests of students and their future employment prospects,”
“We continue to meet the skill needs of the Hunter and Central Coast region,”
“JobsOnTheCoast.com.au engages daily with employers from across the region, so it is developing into an on-line community of shared business values.”
It also provides specific services to business wanting to recruit, whether it was hiring or the primary selection management of applicants.
“Yes, we are trying to be all things to all people when it comes to jobs – finding them, filling them, displaying them and getting a better one.”
The website can be viewed at www.jobsonthecoast.com.au


There is much in common between a prestige motor dealer and an on-line jobs website.

And it’s these qualities in common that has prompted Worthington Prestige, on the corner of the Central Coast Highway and Kangoo Road at Kariong, to become a business partner with JobsOnTheCoast.com.au.

“We realise that many people who go to a jobs website are not just looking for a job but for a position to improve themselves,” said General; Sales Manager at Worthington Prestige Joel Rees.

“Cars are like jobs – they say a lot about who we are and what we aspire to be,” he said.
Mr Rees said the decision was based on sound business statistics, too.

“JobsOnTheCoast.com.au has high volume web traffic and we like to be in front of as many people as we can be.”

The dealer’s presence on the site will be a mix of institutional or signature advertising together with some product display.

The dealership has BMW and Mini brands as well as motorcycles and used cars. It has a service department for these brands and for other makes.

Dealer principals Brad and Vanessa Worthington are the second generation of the family to be in the dealership, following on from Brad’s parents, Kevin and Helen, who had their first dealership on Parramatta Road in Sydney.

The Gosford showroom has been on its site for 12 years.

JobsOnTheCoast.com.au’s Partnerships Director David Smeeth said jobs and cars were two marketplaces that were once dominated by newspapers but they had now moved to the internet.

“It makes sense for these two popular interests to be together because they account for enormous amount of web traffic,” he said.

Just as motor dealer’s seek to build long-term relationships with their clients, JobsOnTheCoast.com.au strives to be the one-stop jobs website for the Central Coast, whether it’s looking for a new or better job or in the market to hire new talent and experience.

JobsOnTheCoast provides specific services to business wanting to recruit, whether it be through a variety of ‘self-service’ products or requiring a more involved and consultative approach.

“Yes, we are trying to be all things to all people when it comes to jobs – finding them, filling them and displaying them.”

The website can be viewed at www.jobsonthecoast.com.au and businesses that want to find out more can contact David on 0419 168 177 or by email on david.smeeth@jobsonthecoast.com.au

Aerial View (After)_med res (2)

Exceptional growth in passenger numbers has underpinned the next phase of expansion at Newcastle Airport.
Provision will be made in the new terminal for Customs and Immigration inspections, enabling overseas flights to and from the terminal.
The expanded terminal will be more than 50 per cent larger.
Work started a few weeks ago on the $11.1 million expansion that will make the airport more attractive to many on the Central Coast who now choose to fly from Sydney.
As well as expanded arrival and departure spaces, the new terminal will have a transport hub constructed for buses, taxis and hire cars.
Almost 1.2 million passengers passed through the terminal at Williamtown, which had its last major expansion almost 10 years ago at the time of low-cost domestic airlines were introduced.
Passenger numbers have grown from 406,000 annually at that decade and have been consistently above a million a year for the past five years.
The NSW Government has funded the project through its Regional Infrastructure Development Scheme and it’s expected to be completed in the second half of 2015.
More than 80 direct jobs will be created directly as well as hundreds of jobs indirectly through manufacturing off-site.
The airport employs 42 people, not including the numbers working for retain and food outlets at the terminal.
The airport is jointly owned Newcastle City and Port Stephens councils, but it is about to open up to private equity up to 40 per cent.
David Nye, the airport’s manager of aviation and airport development, said negotiations with airlines could see direct interstate flights from Newcastle to Adelaide and Perth as well as the existing routes to Brisbane and Melbourne.
Brisbane and Melbourne routes account for 80 per cent of passengers through Newcastle and the Gold Coast service has had almost 30 per cent growth mainly from an increase in flights by Jetstar on this route.

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Here is this week’s video update from Tim O’Brien (Founder of JobsOnTheCoast.com.au) relating to the Central Coast employment market.

Distributed every Monday, we hope these updates will be of interest and benefit to local businesses and job seekers.  To view this week’s (approximately 90 second) video on our YouTube channel, simply click the following link …

Central Coast Weekly Update – 11th August 2014

Click here to view the Central Coast Weekly Update 4th August 2014

Tim O’Brien (Founder of JobsOnTheCoast.com.au) has released the first in a new series of personal weekly video updates relating to the Central Coast employment market.

Distributed every Monday, we hope these updates will be of interest and benefit to local businesses and job seekers.  To view this week’s 90 second video on our new YouTube channel, simply click the following link …

Central Coast Weekly Update – 4th August 2014

The introduction of a Work for the Dole scheme could be a leg-up into paid work that many long-term unemployed people need, says JobsOnTheCoast Founder Tim O’Brien.

Mr O’Brien started the JobsOnTheCoast.com.au website three years ago and it has since expanded to the Hunter-Newcastle and Queensland Sunshine Coast areas.

The site published over 6,000 jobs last year and is a prime site for jobseekers and hirers in the three locations.

Mr O’Brien said as the job market tightens and there are more qualifications for benefits, jobseekers need to show as much commitment as they can, and this is one way they can do that.

Long-term joblessness does not allow a job applicant to show they have the will and the discipline for a position for which he or she has applied.

“As a consequence, employers go for someone who has a job or who has had one until recently because they expect that applicant to be more job-ready,” he said.

“A work for the dole scheme can show the willingness and discipline to a person or business with a job vacancy.”

There has been some negative reaction to the re-introduction of Work for the Dole since it was announced earlier in the year and any scheme can only be as good as its program and administration, he said.

“For unemployed individuals, it can offer opportunity that’s not available any other way except for volunteering,” he said

Mr O’Brien is also a member of a local volunteering association that recruits and manages volunteers, as well as promotes best practices in volunteering. 

“Volunteering offers a similar chance to demonstrate a person is prepared to turn up on time, make an effort and take on responsibilities – all valuable qualities to be able to demonstrate when looking for work,” he said.

There was also the important benefit of feeling that the person was making a contribution to society and large and his or her community in particular.

“It shouldn’t be underestimated what that sense of worth and the confidence it instills is worth when going for a job,” he said.

The federal government announced it was re-introducing the Work for the Dole scheme initially as a pilot in a handful of regions from July this year, with full roll out scheduled for 1 July 2015.

SOTC CC logo

Local jobs website JobsOnTheCoast.com.au has expanded to make it more useful to look for specific skills and provide a forum for those who want to advertise their skills.

SkillsOnTheCoast.com.au was launched for the Central Coast region on Thursday to let employers know there are those with skills and experience or in training and they are on the jobs market.

The value for employers is they can “shop” for the skills they want to recruit for free on the same website.

“Employers looking to recruit usually have to advertise a position then sort through many hopefuls as well as those who have the experience or skill in demand,” said JobsOnTheCoast Founder Tim O’Brien.

“This new site will allow them to see who is out there looking for work, advancement or a career change based on their abilities.”

Mr O’Brien said the changing jobs climate meant that some industries were retrenching people with experience and skills. These people can now list individually on SkillsOnTheCoast to be seen by potential employers.

The site has been developed because of feedback from employers and from those who want to “put themselves out there” to potential hirers.

As it gains momentum, it has the potential to save the money and time normally associated with recruitment, especially when specialised experience and skills are involved.

It has drawn support from NSW Trade and Investment, Regional Development Australia, Central Coast and HunterNet.

Negotiations are proceeding with other partners including service providers (employment and training) who are interested in a presence on the site.

Mr O’Brien said the same philosophy behind the success of the jobs website would apply, namely that people want to work in the region where they live so they look to find work, advancement or skills improvement locally.

“By bringing people with skills together on the one site, it affords those individuals and their potential employers more scope” he said.

These people have skills and experience that the Central Coast needs to retain, in order to be competitive with regions and to ensure there is a speedy return to prosperity when the economy turns around, he said.

140520 JOTSC Mayor Mark Jamieson, Tim O¹Brien and Anthony Dow

The success of locality-based jobs website JobsOnTheCoast.com.au has prompted expansion interstate to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The founder of the now three websites, Mr Tim O’Brien, launched the Queensland operation at a ceremony on the TAFE campus at Mooloolaba attended by 100 people from government, industry, training and recruitment sectors.

The Queensland operation is headed by Regional Manager Anthony Dow, who was CEO of Regional Development Australia on the NSW Central Coast before a move to Queensland two years ago.

“After being at the launch on the Central Coast while CEO of Regional Development Australia, it is such a pleasure to be leading the rollout of this third site,” said Mr Dow.

Mr O’Brien started the first website on the NSW Central Coast more than three years ago and replicated the operation in the Hunter about 21 months ago.

“The success is built on a simple premise,” Mr O’Brien said, “People choose where they want to live for all sorts of lifestyle reasons – and they want to work as close to home as possible.”

Illustrating the success of the two sites has been the growth in the number of on-line jobs, with the Central Coast site topping out at more than 300 and to Hunter listing about 450 vacancies in its peak season.

The site is supported by business partners who provide services for jobseekers and employers as well as training and skill development.

The aim is to make it the definitive site for advice and guidance for all matters related to finding work or recruiting.

Mr O’Brien said as well as expansion to the third region there was a continuous process of refinement to improve the websites for those looking for work or advancement and those seeking to hire.

 “Feedback from the growing army of users is monitored so we can make adjustments and improvements,” he said.


GrowthCLUB is back and this is an event you won’t want to miss….

You will be lead through ActionCOACH’s proven 6 Step Business System and 5 Ways for Business Growth to develop your Key Priority for the next Year and your Top 3 Action Initiatives for the next 90 Days. You will hear from other successful business owners real examples of how they have put ActionCOACH’s Business System to work in their business.

GrowthCLUB is on Wednesday June 18, 2014, commencing at 8:30am and running through to 4:00pm.

Here’s just a few of the benefits you’ll get from this valuable workshop:

  • The 6 Step Business Structure – All businesses are different yet at the same time share an underlying structure that must be sound to achieve results. You will find out about the missing ingredients in your business that you can’t succeed without and you’ll be introduced to a 5 point Scientific Formula that, if followed, will show you exactly in what areas of your business you need to work to Massive Results.
  • Steal the proven business strategies that work – “Steal” the business strategies that have worked for other business owners…don’t worry – it’s allowed!  Case studies delivered in person by the business owners themselves make it easy for you to profit without struggling to re-invent the wheel.
  • Your own personal step-by-step action plan to achieve explosive profits in the next 90 days – Get ALL the tools you need to create REAL goals and walk out with a realistic, step-by-step, executable action plan for the next 90 days that will have you achieving sustainable profits for your business.

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This day is designed to give you energy, vision and focus that you can inject into your business and see the results in your bank balance…

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Special Price of $197 for friends of JobsOnTheCoast.com.au (usually $297)……all you have to do is following the link to register today…remember to enter ‘JOBS’ as your promo code!

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Places are limited so get in quick! To find out more, please contact Marcus Kroek on 0412 313 733

Marcus Kroek – Business Coach, proudly supporting JobsOnTheCoast.com.au


Information brought to you by Jobs On The Coast specialist partner, Finance On The Coast …

Ask an economist where interest rates will be in two or three years and the likely answer will be that no one can see that far into the future when it comes to an economy’s ebbs and flows.

But an astute economist can probably tell you that what goes up must come down, and vice versa. Interest rates, like the broader economy, move in cycles.

But, in case you thought that makes a decision to borrow on fixed or variable rates easier, there is no way to know how long and high or low the cycles will be.

Remember, interest rates in Australia are at historic lows at the moment.

Aside from hedging your bets against the fluctuations, there are sound structural reasons why one form of borrowing might be better that another.

Variable rates have several structural advantages, especially in a stable rate environment and when an economy is growing and jobs are secure [see chart below].

But there are horror tales from the 1980s, for example, of people who borrowed on variable rates to buy homes in the good times only to have interest rates in some cases more than double and, because of a contracting economy, to loose their equity in their home.

More borrowers are now choosing to fix their loans, says Phil Riches, Senior Mortgage Consultant for Finance on the Coast

“Statistics show the average proportion of borrowers fixing their loans is more than 16 per cent of the overall market, compared with 12% for year ago,” he said.

“So, with fixed rate terms of one, two or three years lower than discounted variable rates at this point in time, they can be appealing.

“Key considerations for borrowers should be confirming the indicated variable rate once the fixed loan expires, ensuring the loan is not fixed for a term beyond when the loan will be paid out, and whether it is possible to retain some flexibility such as a fully offset account and/or ability to make extra repayments during the fixed term.

“At Finance on the Coast, we see an increased interest in fixed rate loan inquiries. We go over the typical benefits and disadvantages of variable and fixed rate loans and where our clients indicate a desire to fix their loan.

“Where suitable we finance them with a lender who allows fixed rate loans with 100 per cent offset and no ongoing fees,” he said.

One advantage of a variable rate loan is, as personal prosperity grows and the family income gets bigger, the loan can be paid down quicker, without penalty.

Fixed rates give some certainty. You know what the repayments will be for the duration of the loan.

If you borrow at 5 per cent and, over time, rates go to 7 per cent, you are clearly in front.

But it’s because of the uncertainties of the financial cycle that banks or other lender will give you a fixed rate for a specified period, sometimes up to 10 years.

If, in five or 10 years, rates are high and your loan is switched to a variable rate because the fixed rate period expires, it can be a steep lift in repayments.

Loans and the circumstances in which they are made are as individual as the borrowers.

That’s why it is key to get specific advice based on individual circumstances.

Even within the fixed and variable loan rates there are differences – such as a cocktail of fixed and variable – that enable a tailoring of the loan for the optimum result for the borrower.

JobsOnTheCoast/JobsInTheHunter founder Tim O’Brien says there is no longer such a thing as a job for life.

“It is normal for someone’s career to change direction much more than once and it’s difficult to predict what is around the corner.

“This may include different jobs with different levels of income, or perhaps setting up an business.

“So it’s important to not only set out on the right track but also to get the right advice as your situation changes over time.

“Phil and his team at Finance On The Coast not only have access to a vast array of lenders and mortgage types, they also have the necessary experience to look at individual circumstances and find solutions to non-standard requirements,” Mr O’Brien said.

For further information or enquiries contact Phil Riches, Senior Mortgage Consultant for Finance on the Coast, on 0418 204 304 or email phil@financeonthecoast.com.au

Variable rate loans:


  • Flexibility to make extra payments without penalty
  • Opportunity to redraw from equity in the loan
  • No penalty for early discharge or refinancing with another institution (administration fees do apply)
  • Interest usually moves down when the Reserve Bank cuts its rate.
  • Linked off-set accounts are available with most variable loans. (These charge interest on the amount of a loan outstanding minus any plus balances on the off-set account)
  • Flexibility to increase the amount borrowed (to put in that swimming pool, for example)


  • When the Reserve Bank lifts its cash rates, repayment rates go up accordingly. To illustrate, loan repayments on $500,000  of principal and interest basis over 30 years  at today’s discounted variable rate of about 4.99% are $2,682 a month. The same loan at 20% interest is $8,356 a month
  • Restriction on borrowing limit based on what you can repay and a margin against interest rate rises, usually a factor of 1.5 to 2 per cent

Fixed rate loans:


  • Certainty of ongoing repayment during the fixed term
  • Protection from increased interest rates
  • Option to fix for up to 10 years
  • Peace of mind and ability to set a household budget accordingly
  • Ability to ‘lock in’ todays fixed rate at time of application (most lenders charge a fee for this)
  • With some lenders, ability to increase amount you are able to borrow when taking a 5-year fixed rate


  • Depending upon what rate you fix at, what happens to variable rates and how long until the fixed rate expires, there may be a fixed rate break cost on exiting the loan if you need to discharge during the fixed term because of the sale of the property or refinance to another lender (not to be confused with exit penalties, which have been abolished)
  • Limited extra repayments, usually restricted
  • Offset account not offered with fixed rate loans (there is one lender who allows a 100 per cent offset on a fixed rate loan)
  • Mostly fixed rates not offered when taking a construction loan to build a new home
  • No ability to increase or decrease the loan limit during the fixed term

Welcome to the February edition of our Jobs On The Coast eNews.

As Summer comes to an end, we see the jobs market at one of its busiest times of the year, with lots of opportunities for employers and job seekers alike.  Competition is high, with not only active jobs seekers searching for work, including new-to-the-market school leavers, but also passive candidates receptive to moving on to new roles in this period.

With this in mind, this month’s edition of eNews includes articles for job seekers on interview etiquette and accessing training opportunities to keep your skills offering relevant.  For employers, we look at motivational techniques to help you retain your best staff, and consider the benefits of employing older candidates in your organisation.  We also want to hear your views on how the opening of the new Hunter Expressway will change your travel time.

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Baby Boomers are reshaping the mix of people in the workplace, bringing a challenge to employers who want the experience of an “old head” but on young shoulders.

Two conspicuous issues with older employees is, first, they are not the tech-natives that young people are and can be slow to embrace technological change and expansion.

Second, they have typically been less mobile throughout their career and so tend to have a narrow view of their industry or work sector based on their work history.

On the upside, stability brings certain planning certainty for a business, and experience, especially when combined with some initiative, can be a company’s most valuable asset.

Employees of any age and background are as varied as people in the wider community, but some generalisations are reasonable when it comes to older workers.

Many are in a stable personal and financial position and are therefore not looking over the fence of alternative employers all the time, keen to kick off a bidding war.

That said, pay and conditions might want to take some measure of the value the employee brings through experience and stability. Age should not be a career restricting condition.

Some older workers and staff don’t recognise the value their experience, not least because many have worked in environments where they were not encouraged to think and contributions to improved harmony or productivity were not sought or acknowledged when given.

Teasing out the value and benefit of that experience can be rewarding for a proprietor or manager, and rewards can be tangible.

When it comes to the image a business or company projects when it employs older people, it shows it is inclusive, has depth and stability that is a consequence of experience and it very often has someone who can speak as an equal to experienced customers and others the business deals with.

Someone who has the bruises and scars of past battles is most likely to have the patience and diplomacy to diffuse or manage potential conflict as well as optimize the public relations opportunities.

Managers and proprietors say it all the time: People are our greatest asset.

It must be true because people wouldn’t be employed if they weren’t essential to the business, its purpose and its profits.

So, how do you maintain your investment in an employee’s skills, time and wages so the business can continue to profit?

The first part is to acknowledge that, whether it’s one employee or a thousand, each is different and each has different motivations – because there are many motivations – or at least the spectrum of motivations in different ratios.

Sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But how does it affect the relationship that each employer has with his or her workers or staff?

First matter to be aware of is that you will favour your “darlings”, those who are productive, convivial and, often, those with whom you have the greatest rapport for both business and personal reasons.

That’s good for the chosen one or ones, but it can leave everyone else out in the cold. Remember to be inclusive of all on your team, and spend a little extra time with those who are down on par.

Coaching, encouragement, time to listen are all likely to build rapport so each has a better understanding of the objectives and abilities of the other.

Your employee is, after all, looking to the boss for leadership.

Equally important, build the team and build the team so it builds itself. Let those who have the capacity step up to leadership functions, especially in team-building exercises where that leadership is coming from a peer.

Give opportunities at whatever level the individual is capable of succeeding, and give the tools for that success, however modest.

This has a consequence, the notion that the employees are contributing in a greater than nuts and bolts kind of way and, in the process, you might identify or unleash true leadership or other creative abilities that weren’t noticed before.

Team building is often associated with “game” to test and display leadership and initiative, but simple workplace team building can be as basic as routine meetings at which people are encouraged and free to express ideas.

Ground rules should always include a primary condition; there are no bad ideas – only ideas that need refinement or whose time has not yet come.

Now try it. See how it works.

And we’ll have another episode in next month’s eNews.

Most people would rather have a day at the dentist than 60 minutes in an interview.

That’s because no one likes to be judged, and essentially that’s what an interview is all about once you’ve shown in your CV that you have the knowledge or the knowledge base for the job at hand.

Telling someone to not be nervous in an interview is as useful as asking a bee to not sting you.

But a strategy will help overcome much of that nervousness and impress the interviewer or panel to boot.

Start the night before. Coach yourself through it, in front of a mirror, if you can. Excruciating, certainly, but you’ll see your body language, which is a large part of the interview assessment. Even video yourself, if you have a camera, then review it for irritating gestures and phrases.

Facial contortions, nose scratching, forehead rubbing, searching the ceiling for inspiration won’t work for you, so work to eliminate them.

Do your homework. Know what you can about the company or employer and any individual on the interview panel. A little corporate history shows you care, so know some.
There’s no excuse for not having at least an outline in the age of the internet.

Ten deep breaths through the nose while in the waiting room will help to relax and get oxygen to the organ you are most going to need in the next few minutes – the brain.

Your portfolio. Will it fall apart as you nervously reach for a handshake? Does it say what it needs to say in five pages or fewer, or is it the condensed version of the Encyclopedia Britannica? Does it have something extra above your application that you might leave with the interviewer?  Your communications skills are on the line here, but not your publishing skills. Condense the document.

Finally, when the time comes for “Any questions?”, have some – at least two.

That might mean preparing about six because some topics will undoubtedly be covered in the interview.

Now, you’re ready. Good luck.