Snap Coast 2017: Five great photo spots to try on #SnapCoast day 2017

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THE key to great photography is in photographing the things you love.

That’s the view of Central Coast amateur photographer Jeremy Royston of Wamberal whose beautiful images of the Central Coast are well known his thousands of Instagram followers.

“Start in your back yard — you don’t have to travel far to get a good photo,” Jeremy said.

“You don’t need heaps of expensive gear — the average mobile phone is very powerful — and just keep practising and shooting,” he said.

“I think there was a stage there for about a year when I just never stopped getting up for sunrises and I didn’t even care what it was like — I just kept going down and watching the sunrise and just enjoying it.”

It’s good advice ahead of #SnapCoast on November 22 which is a photographic celebration of everything we love about the Central Coast.

Mr Royston, 31, has lived in Wamberal all his life. He went to Wamberal Primary School, then Terrigal High School and has been chef at East Gosford’s Cafe Jam for more than a decade.

The nature and landscapes of the Central Coast are at the heart of Jeremy Royston’s photographic passion.

He started out just shooting on his mobile phone but is now using a Canon 70D which he plans to upgrade soon.

“One of my mates was getting photos I really liked from his Canon 70D and it’s very easy to use. It’s got the touch screen on the back and it’s got all the functions that you need — manual mode and bold mode and basically everything you need for a start up intermediate sort of camera,” he said.



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