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THE Central Coast property market continues to speed ahead, as new data reveals it is the only Sydney region forecast for positive growth.

According to Moodys Analytics, based on CoreLogic’s Hedonic Home Value Index, the Central Coast is the only area poised to see growth in the residential property market for both 2018 and 2019.

The data also predicts a divergent national market, with declines in the biggest markets of Melbourne and Sydney.

The Coast is categorised in the survey as a region of Greater Sydney, and it’s the only area to avoid a dismal drop in home value forecasts.

The report indicates that by 2019 Central Coast houses will experience an increase in value of 8.5 per cent, with apartments forecast to do even better at 12.4 per cent.

Millionaire developer Tony Denny, who has spearheaded six Central Coast apartment developments over the past couple of years, said he believed there was still a shortage of quality apartments and houses on the Coast.

He is so invested in the area that he has spent almost half a billion dollars building up his portfolio — and he doesn’t see it ending soon.

“I do believe there will be continued growth on the Central Coast because of those factors,” he said.

“But the Central Coast has never really had big highs and lows – it’s been consistent and just appreciates gradually, which is a nice conservative way to experience capital growth.



Darkinjung Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC) has celebrated three years since the first concrete slab was laid at its Menindee Ridge residential housing development. The Menindee Ridge development is a vibrant suburban community stretching over 8.6 hectares in Blue Haven.

Darkinjung CEO, Mr Sean Gordon, said it had been one of the most rewarding projects the Land Council had worked on. “Seeing Menindee Ridge come to life has been truly incredible to watch and I think I can speak for our entire organisation and community when I say that this development has been one of the most gratifying ventures we have undertaken,” Mr Gordon said.

“Menindee Ridge started with a vision of providing affordable housing to our members and community and promoting a safe and secure residential environment that could accommodate our growing community. “We have been able to develop 109 lots and housed dozens of families and individuals so far, with more still to come.”

Local residents and Darkinjung members, Mr Peter and Ms Keran Mason, were thrilled to move into a duplex home in November 2016. “It will probably mean that I am able to retire a little earlier as it is affordable housing and we aren’t paying big rent,” Mr Mason said. “We very much appreciate everything Darkinjung has done for us,” he said. “We were waiting six years for this to happen, but when it did, it all happened very quickly with the building.

“Darkinjung were very professional and communicated with us throughout the process. Darkinjung Chairperson, Ms Tina West, said: “Darkinjung’s Menindee Ridge development experience has been positive and has put Darkinjung in a great position to explore other economic opportunities on our lands. “Looking back on how far we have come since the fi rst foundation stone was laid in April 2014, this development has enabled us to provide substantial economic sustainability for the community of the Central Coast, and we look forward to being able to provide future developments to our community.

“I would like to take this time to thank everyone who has helped with bringing Menindee Ridge to life, the Darkinjung Board, our staff and valued members, Wiseberry Charmhaven, who assisted with the sale of land, and all individuals who worked on the development,” Ms West said. “Our land is invaluable to the Central Coast community and we hope to be able to use this to benefit the public in years to come,” she said.



Employment on the Central Coast is growing at the fastest rate of any regional area in Australia, according to the member for Terrigal, Mr Adam Crouch.

“Of all the regional areas, the Central Coast has the highest rate of jobs growth, at 8.8 per cent for the year to August 2016,” Mr Crouch said. That equals over 14,000 new jobs created in the 12 months, whereas the average jobs growth across regional NSW for the same period was just 3.6 per cent. “The next nearest region was the greater Hunter, with 13,400 new jobs or 4.6 per cent,” Mr Crouch said. He said he believed record NSW Government spending on health and infrastructure had resulted in the state having the strongest economy in the country, and that strength was fl owing on to strong job creation in the region.

The Coast’s strongest economic sectors in terms of jobs growth, according to Mr Crouch, were health, manufacturing and retail trade. He said he believed the Coast was also attracting innovative business owners who were able to utilise their innovation to create job opportunities. The Member for Terrigal also believes the Central Coast is becoming the “destination of choice” for home buyers and business owners. North Avoca, for example, has just been identified as one of the most popular property markets in the state. “This is another brilliant result for the Central Coast, which is rapidly becoming the destination of choice and absolutely fi ts in with the ‘#This is the Life’ campaign from Central Coast Council,” Mr Crouch said. “Everybody on the Central Coast knows how lucky we are to live in this beautiful region, and others are now realising it too,” Mr Crouch said.