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A local jobs website operator predicts an online industry shake-up as companies reposition themselves in a tougher employment market. CEO Tim O’Brien’s prediction comes as news has surfaced that two national online jobs websites plan major changes; MyCareer will have free advertisements and Seek will raise its prices by 5.5 per cent from July 1.

“Neither of these moves is a substitute for high performance and innovation for both job seekers and employers,” Mr O’Brien said. “Removing financial risk may be attractive to advertisers, but, the size and general nature of large job board operators means they still miss the mark in providing relevant search results to their users.” “Free job listing is one side of the equation, but the strength of comes from an ability to connect local employers and local jobseekers, combined with the support of a strong network of ‘local specialists’ to provide additional services and support.” Mr O’Brien established almost two years ago and last year when he identified a need for online solutions with more specific emphasis on the local employment market.

Success of these sites has been based on local employers and recruiters being able to advertise vacant positions free of charge, thus removing the financial risk of out-laying money with no guarantee of results. It combines this with links on the site to contact relevant business partners that provide services to recruiters and jobseekers, including major partners: Job Centre Australia, Hunter TAFE and Inspire Success HR Consultants. “The results are highly relevant and highly valued by users,” Mr O’Brien said. The value of and is demonstrated by the support it has from local businesses, training and government agencies keen to see employment in regional Australia grow. “Collaborating with these organisations has ensured that the two sites build on a strong foundation of local expertise, supporting regional economic growth.” Mr O’Brien said signs of a slowing economy meant employers would be looking for the best and most cost-effective solutions to expand, maintain or replace skilled and experienced people.

Jobseekers looking to advance their careers, find new work or enter the workforce want to find a job near their home and chosen lifestyle. “The emergence of other options to big generalist job boards calls in to question their ongoing relevance to their users and the true value of a job advertisement remains to be seen”, he said.

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