Broncos great Shane Webcke visits Muswellbrook

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HUNTER Valley workers learned the value of workplace safety from former National Rugby League (NRL) star Shane Webcke.

The Brisbane Broncos legend was notably named among the “100 Greatest Rugby League Players of all time” and is now a safety ambassador for Workcover Queensland.

And, he shared his knowledge and personal family experience concerning safety with some of the team from Ezyquip Hire, who joined Robson Civil Projects’ team at their Muswellbrook Depot and the businesses’ head office at Somersby.

Mr Webcke spoke about tragically losing his father through a workplace accident in 1994 and the impact that it had on him and his family.

He explained that he shared his message with the ultimate goal of improving the commitment to safety, not only in the workplace but also at home.

“Ultimately, on the day of dad’s accident, the decision that he made was solely his responsibility and no one else,” Mr Webcke said.

“Dad was a proud and hardworking man, who never wanted to muck around – he always wanted to just get stuck in and get the job done.

“Unfortunately, in those days, safety at both work and home were secondary considerations.”

He commended firms which encourage staff to consider the true value of staying safe at work and at home.

“It’s great to see companies like Ezyquip Hire implementing safety campaigns such as ‘PB5’, which prompts team members to consider five big things in their life, such as family, to stay safe for,” Mr Webcke said.

“To be given the opportunity by Ezyquip to visit the Robson Civil Projects’ sites in NSW and share my story, really depicts the spirit of community and working together – so I jumped at the chance to be part of it.

“These days, commitment to high standards of safety practice on work sites are a given, especially in regards to operating heavy machinery.

“But, I continue to share my story as a reminder of how easily and quickly things can change if you don’t remain focussed on what is important.

“If I can get just one person to transfer their commitment to working safely while on the job to also working safely at home, then I might save a family a lot of heartache in the future, and it will all be worthwhile.”

Robson Civil Projects’ managing director Grant Robson has also thrown his support behind this safety initiative in inviting Mr Webcke to share his experiences with staff.

“Robson prides itself on maintaining a solid safety record, yet we are always looking at ways to improve and keep our people safe,” he said.

“However, the message of working safely at home and at work is something that is not always considered.

“We all know that as a business you want your workforce to go home in the same condition that they arrived at work, but how we conduct ourselves outside of the formal workplace can also have significant negative impacts on our lives.

“After such an inspiring and personal message from Shane, promoting safety at home is definitely an area where we will be looking to expand our safety messaging.”


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