Newcastle security firms merge to form Holisitic Industries

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THE security company that was at the forefront of cleaning up Newcastle’s violent reputation has merged with another city firm and ramped up its training component in a move it says gives city businesses a first-of-its-kind security offering.

Holistic Security, led by Ben Dewson and Charles Hall and specialising in providing security staff to leading city clubs, has merged with Balance Security Solutions, which focuses on security technology, alarms and patrols.

The new company Holistic Industries’ third arm is a registered training organisation started two years ago by Mr Dewson and Mr Hall which runs accredited training programs for those looking to enter the security or hospitality industries.

Mr Hall said the training aspect of the new company would allow it to mould the next generation of staff entering the security field.

“What we bring to the table is passion for our industry and it gives us the change to train people right from the start, by experts in our sector, and we can mould them straight away on correct practices,” he said.

Mr Dewson and Mr Hall were key industry spokesmen in 2008 when the NSW Government introduced the Newcastle Solution, essentially lock-out laws to reduce alcohol-related violence at night spots.

They say by 2011 it was clear the Solution had not had the desired effect, leading them to work with pub owners including Russell Richardson to form the Newcastle Entertainment Precinct, which introduced scanning technology to ban repeat offenders.

Holisitic’s behavioural-based security method  – which relies heavily on educating both patrons and guards and changing behavioural patterns – have been credited by the likes of Mr Richardson for helping curb club violence.

“There’s been a change in security where venues no longer want some big, dumb bouncer looking intimidating,” says Mr Hall.

“It’s not about just having a product, you need customer service and people want to have a good experience at a venue, so when it comes down to security, it needs to complement the business.”


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