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NRMA Parks and Resorts announced it will further expand its portfolio to manage four additional locations across the Central Coast.

The four parks on the Central Coast will see the NRMA Parks and Resorts stable of owned and managed parks grow to 48. The NRMA is one of Australia’s largest tourism providers with a portfolio valued at over $800 million.

The four parks to be managed by NRMA for Central Coast Council are:

– Budgewoi Holiday Park

– Canton Beach Holiday Park

– Norah Head Holiday Park

– Toowoon Bay Holiday Park

NRMA Parks and Resorts CEO Paul Davies said the organisation was committed to providing guests a world-class experience at every one of their owned and managed holiday parks.

“Tourism isn’t just about the traveller, it’s about the communities they visit. Communities like the beautiful Central Coast offer unique experiences for domestic and international travellers and the NRMA is committed to unlocking these experiences for everyone,” Mr Davies said.

“Our philosophy is to provide exceptional holiday experiences, with a combination of fantastic locations, great hospitality and excellent facilities and we are looking forward to working closely with Central Coast Council, local tourism operators, and eateries to attract tourists to the region,”

“The Central Coast is a real hot-spot for holiday makers throughout the year, but local communities still have so much to gain from encouraging more visitors to the area. With kilometres of pristine coastline, cultural events and friendly locals; we’re positive each and every guest will have a fantastic experience in the region.”

NRMA Parks and Resorts already owns and operates NRMA Ocean Beach Holiday Resort at the beautiful Umina Beach. The NRMA also operates Fantasea Cruising, running regular ferry services to the Central Coast between the Ettalong, Wagstaffe and Palm Beach.





Central Coast Council will be able to start work on crucial new projects, following an early cash injection of almost $13m, under the Financial Assistance Grants program from the Federal Government.
Member for Robertson, Lucy Wicks, said the Federal Government has made an early payment of 50 per cent of the 2018-19 Financial Assistance Grants funding to Central Coast Council, to help support the delivery of essential services and local infrastructure.
“Central Coast Council has already received this early instalment, with an estimated total of $26m to be received by Council through these grants for the 2018-19 financial year,” Lucy Wicks said.
“The Council can spend this estimated $26m in the way they think will serve the Central Coast best,” she said.
“This means that this untied funding can go towards priority projects for the Central Coast community, like up to 1,000 new car spots that could be built by Council at Gosford.
“If Central Coast Council sees Labor’s $15m car parking promise as a priority project for the Coast, they have at their disposal approximately $26m already being delivered by the Federal Government.
“This Federal funding for Central Coast Council’s local priority projects is real money, which is fully funded and will be delivered in full by the end of this financial year.”
Minister for Regional Development, Territories and Local Government, Dr John McVeigh, said the Government’s decision to make an early payment of 50 per cent of 2018-19 Financial Assistance Grants to all 546 councils across Australia, would help fast track delivery of priority local projects.
“The Coalition Government recognises the importance of giving councils the power to determine local priorities in their region,” he said.
“These grants are therefore an extremely important means of allowing local governments to invest substantial allocations of federal funds based on local needs.
“The Coalition Government also supports local councils through a range of other targeted funding programs including Roads to Recovery, Bridges to Renewal, the Building Better Regions Fund, and Regional Growth Fund.”
Council issued a statement in response to Lucy Wicks’ announcement.
“Council has planned for this regular funding from the Federal Government’s Financial Assistance Grants within our operating budget for the 2018/19 Delivery Program and Operational Plan,” the Council statement said.
“This funding allows Council to provide services to the community, free of charge, or at a subsidised price, such as play grounds, life guards patrolling our beaches, libraries, sporting facilities, skate parks, parks and reserves,” it said.
“Council’s Operational Plan details delivery of essential services and capital works in the priority areas, which were outlined in the first Community Strategic Plan for the Central Coast.
“The priority areas the community want to see us deliver on are the road network, water and sewer service and infrastructure, protecting and enhancing the local environment, community facilities and open space and recreation.
“We are happy to work with all levels of Government to help make our commuters’ journey from home to work better.
“The 2018/19 operating budget includes an allocation for developing a car parking strategy for the whole of the Coast, because we know that moving around the coast is also important to our residents.”



Central Coast Council’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr Rob Noble, officially stepped out of the position on Wednesday, September 20, handing over the reins to new CEO, Mr Brian Bell.
Mr Noble is leaving after two years as CEO at Wyong Shire Council and Central Coast Council, to return to his business and home in Queensland.
“I stayed longer than I originally intended, as I wanted to lead the new Central Coast Council through the amalgamation process, and support Administrator, Ian Reynolds, and our staff, in creating a vibrant and sustainable Central Coast,” Mr Noble said.“I am taking with me a lot of fond memories of the Central Coast.
“I have worked with some fabulous people and I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work here,” he added.
Mr Bell has extensive experience in Local Government, spanning 50 years, including 12 years as General Manager of Lake Macquarie Council.
“Rob is leaving some very big shoes to fill,” Mr Bell said.
“He has led the transformation of two organisations into one Central Coast Council, and has created a solid foundation for the newly elected Council to build on,” Mr Bell said.
“I am looking forward to the challenge of continuing to lead the organisation through this transition period to the elected Council, while continuing on the excellent course Rob has set for us.”
Administrator, Mr Ian Reynolds, echoed these sentiments.
“Rob has done an amazing job, and it is due to his hard work and leadership, that this Council has achieved as much as it has,” Mr Reynolds said.
“He is a transformational, charismatic leader and has left a great legacy, and will be greatly missed by staff.
“He is without doubt one of the best CEOs I have encountered in all my years in government, and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.
“Brian Bell is well equipped to continue and build on Rob’s work.
“He lives here on the Coast and has led an award-winning Council, Lake Macquarie Council, for a number of years.
“He has the runs on the board and the commitment to continue to make Central Coast Council the very best it can be,” Mr Reynolds said.
Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast, Mr Scot MacDonald MLC, also thanked Mr Noble for his leadership of Council.
“Mr Noble’s stewardship of the amalgamated Council has placed the region in great stead for the future,” Mr MacDonald said.
With the funding provided by the NSW Government, the new Central Coast Council has been able to implement the following major Wyong region projects: Disability Matters – Improved accessibility to natural spaces across the Coast, $800,000; Community Facilities – Access and inclusion upgrades to community facilities across the Coast, $580,000; and, San Remo BMX facility – New amenities, $640,000.
“The Council is now in a strong financial position to serve its community,” Mr MacDonald said.



THE five-year “farce” of a promised $500 million ‘Chinese Disneyland’ for the Central Coast “finally” ended late today after the contracts for prime land at Warnervale were torn up.

Central Coast Council revealed it had pulled the plug last week on the controversial Panda Paradise project, four months after Australia China Theme Park Pty Ltd (ACTP) failed to meet a $3 million land-payment deadline.

Council said it would retain a $600,000 deposit paid for 15.7ha of Sparks Rd land after it cut ties with ACTP on July 19.

“Any other potential sale or uses of the land will be a decision of the future elected council,” council said in a brief statement.

Former Wyong Mayor Doug Eaton, who pumped up the proposal from 2012 until his council was sacked on May 12 last year, said he was “disappointed but not surprised” there would be no Chappypie China Time.

“(The end) was clearly coming for the last few months,” Mr Eaton, who will be running for preselection this weekend as a Liberal Party candidate at the upcoming Central Coast Council election, said.

“Council and the community still benefit from the deal to the tune of nearly a million dollars.”

Wyong state Labor MP David Harris, a long-running opponent of the project, said it had been a “sorry episode from the start” and “the ratepayers have been the losers”.

“Valuable land locked up with a contract that raised considerable concerns because all the power was with a developer that had no money, no credentials and no hope of delivering,” the Central Coast Opposition spokesman said.

“Council, as a matter of urgency, should now reveal the cost to ratepayers of the whole sorry episode including staff time and any legal costs.

“And the former Wyong councillors who continually voted for and promoted this debacle should apologise and be held accountable if they try to run for the new council.”

In early May the wannabe Walt Disney of the Coast, ACTP boss Bruce Zhong, boldly declared his company had the cash to build the embattled theme park.

“Some moneys, this I got, don’t worries (sic),” he told A Current Affair.

“Don’t worries, because this is a big project — big, no small. Everything is OK … I just tell you ACTP (will) continue.”

Mr Zhong’s comments came amid mystery over whether ACTP — which had a credit rating last year of just 22/100 despite­ claiming to have a billion­-dollar asset base — had finally stumped up the $3 million first payment, which was due in March, for the Sparks Rd land. It was part of a revised $10 million land deal after the company failed to meet the original payment deadline on December 2, 2015.

Mr Zhong was never interested in answering the Express Advocate’squestions about the project. He failed to respond to at least a dozen interview requests over the past two years.

Former Wyong councillor Bob Graham said he “always” knew that ratepayers were being dudded in the “pie-in-the-sky” project.

“This was a Mickey Mouse deal and farce from day one,” Mr Graham, who will not contest the next council election, said.

“I believe both council and the ruling bloc since 2012 should hang their heads in shame over stringing ratepayers along for this long. Hundreds of jobs could have been created at this site over the past five years.”



The Central Coast Council has determined 3,000 development applications since it was created in May 2016, worth over $1 billion to the economy of the new Local Government Area (LGA).
New housing opportunities will be available close to one of the Coast’s greatest attractions, the beaches, with residential unit developments approved for Canton Beach, with more to come.
The Central Coast also remains an ideal place to build the family dream home with 914 additional lots created since the merger.
Council Group Leader, Environment and Planning, Mr Scott Cox, said Council’s role was to ensure it had the right planning controls in place to continue to grow and encourage sustainable development on the Central Coast.
“We have a huge challenge to meet the housing and employment needs of our growing community while maintaining the enviable lifestyle and environment we all enjoy here,” Mr Cox said.
“We are in the process of consolidating our planning controls so that there is consistency across the Coast, as we want to ensure that we can facilitate the right development we want to see here.
“The growth in housing, particularly unit style development, needs to be where transport connections and opportunities are, in our town centres and tourism hubs, and we want to encourage development there.
“The mix needs to be right in delivering a range of housing options to match various household needs, but also ensuring that the unique environment on the Coast is enhanced and protected.”
Council held its first Developers’ Forum on Monday, February 27, with over 140 industry leaders in attendance to start the conversation as to how Council and the development sector can work together to deliver sustainable development for the Central Coast.
Due to the strong interest in the Forum from the development sector, a number of industry members were unable to fit in, so Council will hold another informal Developers’ Forum in Wyong in May on a date to be determined.



CENTRAL Coast Council has approved a development application for Stage 1 of a controversial aircraft manufacturing facility at Central Coast Airport, Warnervale.

Construction of a new 2760-square-metre aircraft hangar to house an office and showroom is expected to progress quickly, a spokesperson for Central Coast Council said today.

“This first stage of development is expected to inject $3 million in the local economy and create around 30 direct jobs,” they said.

Last October, American manufacturing company Amphibian Aerospace Industries (AAI) announced plans for its $100 million relocation to Warnervale.

Former Premier Mike Baird declared it was “a great day for the Central Coast” because “thousands of jobs” would flow from the venture.

Mr Baird’s office later distanced the Premier from the project after the company confirmed it had never built a plane and its development application in December proposed “a $2.84 million project with 27 jobs”.

Council maintained that it had fulfilled its “due diligence” obligations in entering into the agreement with AAI.

Council administrator Ian Reynolds said the announcement was the culmination of more than 12 months of negotiations with the company.

And council chief executive Rob Noble said AAI had provided senior council staff with information about its business plan, construction certificate and financial backing.

Mr Reynolds said attracting firms such as AAI to the Central Coast and enabling employment growth was one of the top priorities for the council.

“There were a number of locations that AAI were investigating and we’re pleased to have successfully attracted AAI to the Central Coast,” Mr Reynolds said last year.

AAI owns the licence to build the HU-16 Models A-E and G-111 Albatross Amphibian Aircraft.

AAI indicated it was now planning Stage 2 to include a full aircraft manufacturing facility “worth almost $100 million dollars and creating 270 jobs”, the council spokesperson said today.



Central Coast Council welcomes today’s announcement for a NSW Government grant to promote responsible pet ownership on the Coast.

The NSW Government introduced the Responsible Pet Ownership Grants scheme in 2014 to target programs that encourage owners to microchip, register and desex their pets.

Member for Terrigal, Mr Adam Crouch, said the funding boost will help Council provide important programs for pet owners on the Coast who need it most.

“The scheme helps promote projects that encourage responsible pet ownership and aims to reduce the euthanasia rates and dog attacks,” Mr Crouch said.

“Pet dogs and cats are important family members of many households across NSW and it is vital we support our community to promote responsible pet ownership.

“The Baird-Government is committed to improving the positive benefits of pet ownership while strengthening safety and education in our local neighbourhoods.”

Council’s Administrator, Mr Ian Reynolds, said this funding will assist Council to implement new services that help local pet owners.

“Council wants our residents to be responsible pet owners and this funding will help deliver that.” Mr Reynolds said.

“Microchipping helps reunite pets with owners and comes at a cost for owners. This grant will help us provide a day where residents can get this done for free.

“With this grant, we will also be creating pet packs full of tips on how to become a responsible pet owner and keep your four-legged friend happy.

“The health benefits of pet ownership are well known as they encourage owners to also get out and be active in the community. That is why Council also provides a number of off leash areas where dogs and owners can socialise.”

Residents considering adding a pet to their family are encouraged to visit one of Council’s animal care facilities first where they can adopt a pet that has been previously abandoned.



Central Coast Council’s own Misbah Khan was crowned the Newcastle Professional Engineer of the Year at the recent Engineering Excellence Awards.

These Awards, sponsored by Engineering Australia, celebrate and recognise engineering accomplishments of individuals and companies Australia wide.

Council’s Administrator, Mr Ian Reynolds said, this recognition highlights the standard of talent working at Council and the innovative ways staff are delivering original and creative projects for the community.

“Misbah is Council’s Senior Asset Systems Engineer and was recognised for his research in improving road assets allowing Council to improve the sustainability of our roads,” Mr Reynolds said.

“Winning the Newcastle division of Engineer of the Year is well deserved by Misbah and is a prestigious achievement.

“The $3.6 million Mooney Mooney Raw Water Pump Station power supply project was also recognised at the awards night as one of 13 finalists for engineering excellence.

“This innovative project supplies water to the Somersby Water Treatment Plant that services our community in conjunction with Mardi Water Treatment Plant at Wyong.

“These innovations in engineering are helping us deliver the essential infrastructure our growing community needs.

“We are proud of the quality of excellent staff that have contributed to this success and it is awards like these that recognise the home grown talent we have here on the Coast.”

Misbah Khan has also been nominated for the Australian Professional Engineer Award 2016, held in November this year.