Mining growth

Posted by | November 27, 2013 | Employers, Job Seekers, Recruiters, Update

A report on the Australian mining industry predicts production will lift by 40 per cent in the next five years.

But the outlook for jobs is not so rosy, especially in mine construction.

Reports on the BIS Shrapnel predictions say the mining sector will grow from 18.7 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP) in five years production continues to gear up.

Mining investment over that time, however, will fall by as much as 40 per cent as companies switch from the construction of new mines to an emphasis on production.

BIS Shrapnel’s head of infrastructure and mining, Adrian Hart, is reported saying there will be tough times ahead for those working in the mine construction sector.

“We’re forecasting a 40 per cent fall in buildings and structures activity over the next five years in mining.

“But on the other hand, if you’re involved on the production, operations, maintenance, facilities management – all of these areas are going to go ahead quite strongly through the next five years.”

Mr Hart said overall employment in the sector would suffer as mining production became more reliant on mining machinery.

This is a trend that has already become apparent in the Upper Hunter Valley mines.

Mines have been under cost and price pressures and have sought to counter this through volume production.

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