Interview is about your career, so relax

Posted by | February 26, 2014 | Job Seekers, Recruiters, Training, Update

Most people would rather have a day at the dentist than 60 minutes in an interview.

That’s because no one likes to be judged, and essentially that’s what an interview is all about once you’ve shown in your CV that you have the knowledge or the knowledge base for the job at hand.

Telling someone to not be nervous in an interview is as useful as asking a bee to not sting you.

But a strategy will help overcome much of that nervousness and impress the interviewer or panel to boot.

Start the night before. Coach yourself through it, in front of s mirror, if you can. Excruciating, certainly, but you’ll see your body language, which is a large part of the interview assessment. Even video yourself, if you have a camera, then review it for irritating gestures and phrases.

Facial contortions, nose scratching, forehead rubbing, searching the ceiling for inspiration won’t work for you, so work to eliminate them.

Do your homework. Know what you can about the company or employer and any individual on the interview panel. A little corporate history shows you care, so know some.

There’s no excuse for not having at least an outline in the age of the internet.

Ten deep breaths through the nose while in the waiting room will help to relax and get oxygen to the organ you are most going to need in the next few minutes – the brain.

Your portfolio. Will it fall apart as you nervously reach for a handshake? Does it say what it needs to say in five pages or fewer, or is it the condensed version of the Encyclopedia Britannica? Does it have something extra above your application that you might leave with the interviewer?

Your communications skills are on the line here, but not your publishing skills. Condense the document.

Finally, when the time comes for “Any questions?”, have some – at least two.

That might mean preparing about six because some topics will undoubtedly be covered in the interview.

Now, you’re ready. Good luck.


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