Mixed messages in November unemployment figures

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There are mixed messages in the November unemployment figures.

Seasonally adjusted, the Bureau of Statistics show a total of 40,800 part-time jobs and 1,800 full-time jobs were added to the economy but the national unemployment rate has gone to a 12-year high at 6.3 per cent.

The Hunter, excluding Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, is 8 per cent. It is slightly higher in the urban areas of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie at 8.1 per cent.

These are the third-worst figures for the State, where the average is 5.9 per cent.

JobsInTheHunter.com.au’s David Smeeth said the figures showed that many of the full-time positions had gone to those already in work.

“This shows there is still the chance for the people with the right skills and experience to get ahead,” he said.

“This is positive news, but worrying aspects are the number of part-time jobs, pointing to a growing level of underemployment, and youth unemployment continues to creep higher.

“Underemployment is often a ‘make-do’ job and not the career and development of specialised skills that is typically available in full-time work.

“Employability is always a combination of skills and experience, and part-time work provides limited levels of both.”

Mr Smeeth said youth unemployment was a structural problem that needed policies and attention at the three levels of government in co-operation with suitable industries.

“There is often comment that people should be prepared to move to get work, but the success of JobsInTheHunter.com.au and its focus on jobs on the region shows that people want to work where they are committed for lifestyle, family and social reasons,” he said.

The JobsInThe Hunter.com.au website was created to enable people to find work and advancement in their local area, where they have the local knowledge and infrastructure to support them through the transition, he said.

JobsInTheHunter.com.au aims to be a one-stop employment and skills marketplace for the Hunter Region and Newcastle, whether it’s looking for a new or better job or in the market to hire new talent and experience through its sister-site, SkillInTheHunter.com.au.

The website can be viewed at www.jobsinthehunter.com.au and businesses that want to find out more can contact David on 0419 168 177 or by email on david_smeeth@jobsinthehunter.com.au

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