Pointing to the grey-robed old monk, he said, “This master is blocking our way. Of course, the stone archway is very spacious on both sides. We can pass by on both sides.”. But since this master has come forward to stop him, he has naturally come on behalf of the Shaolin Temple. We can’t help but attach importance to him, so we have to ask him to make way for him. Chuang Meng-tao had just followed in the fall one after another with such people as He Haike, Eagle Old Man Li Wuwei, Snake Old Man Yu yuan, Shrimp Toad Old Man Moye, and the Silver-haired Witch, and asked himself that he was not sure. What’s more, the fair competition mentioned by Wen Yutian, the three stages, is indeed very fair. It’s better to let him play in the first battle. Having made up his mind, he said with a smile, “Brother Wen, if you can make this master give way, I’m willing to give way.” “Why is this so difficult?” Asked Wen Yutian with a slight sigh. Zhuang Mengdao did not speak and led Zhao Fuchu back a few steps. In the past thirty years, Feitian Shenmue has been known as the first master of the underworld. He usually looks down on the world and thinks highly of himself. He walked slowly to the grey-robed old man and said slowly, “Master, please.” Even though he was the number one devil, he was always dressed as a scribe, graceful, smiling and courteous to people, which made people feel that he was a gentle and gentle gentleman. The grey-robed old monk sat motionless all the time, even with his eyes closed, as if he were in meditation,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, as if he were indifferent to everything in front of him. It was not until he heard Yu Tian’s opening that he opened his eyes slightly, clasped his palms together, and uttered the name of the Buddha in a low voice, saying, “Amitabha, benefactor, please.” When Wen Yu Tian saw him sitting and talking to himself, he felt a little unhappy. His two slanting eyebrows closed slightly and he said, “Master, please stand up and speak.” “Almsgiver yuan Qiong,water filling machine,” said the grey-robed old monk, “I can’t stand up because my legs are inconvenient. I have to sit down and talk to the benefactor. I’m really rude.” As he spoke, he reached out and lifted the robe that covered his lap. Hearing how sharp Yu Tian’s eyes were, he saw at a glance that the feet of the grey-robed old monk sitting cross-legged were withered and stiff from the knee down, with only two bones, and the soles of his feet were as small as a child’s, withered and fleshless. This is clearly meditation carelessly, possessed by the devil, feet stiff and withered for a long time! Smell in the day to see a daze, asked: “What is the name of the master?” “I don’t know my name,” said the grey-robed monk. Smell in the day between the eyes of fine awn even flash, laugh way: Who do I think I am? Ha-ha It turns out that Jing is the nameless master of the withered Buddha who was famous in Wulin thirty years ago. It’s really a pleasure to meet him. As soon as he said this, he heard two people from the Wulin League, and they were all shocked! The withered and nameless Buddha was the chief protector of the triad society in the past. It is said that on one occasion, the Qing court sent eight experts to investigate the movement of the triad society, but they still threw themselves into jiulianshan and met the withered and nameless Buddha at bailuling. As a result, all of them died in his hands, and none of them survived. The name of the withered Buddha also made a big noise. Unfortunately, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,liquid bottle filling machine, he was later bribed by the Qing court to become a traitor, and in his meals, he was secretly poisoned. From then on, his life and death were unknown, and the triad failed, and he was nowhere to be seen. Everyone in Jianghu thinks that he has already been poisoned to death, and he doesn’t want to appear here thirty years later. Amitabha. The withered Buddha’s nameless mouth whispered the name of the Buddha and said slowly: “I’m glad to say that my Buddha is merciful. In the past, for example, I died yesterday, and now I’m following the barren mountains. But I want to repent. It doesn’t matter if the benefactor doesn’t mention it.” Smell the day suddenly laughed and said: “Then what does the master say when he stops me?” The withered Buddha clasped his palms together and said slowly, “Good!”! Yoshiya ! I am a Buddhist disciple. The Buddhist temple is quiet and the lotus seat is solemn. The ancient Shaolin temple is at peace with the world. I hope you will be good at making friends and making good fortune. This is the end. Wen Yu Tian said, “I respect the master, and I hope the master respects me.” “The two benefactors are both leaders of the martial arts world,” said the withered Buddha. “They take it as their duty to uphold justice in the martial arts world and benefit the people. How can they harass the ancient temples in the barren hills?”? Laoxiu spoke bluntly I hope the benefactor will forgive me. Wen Yu Tian laughed and said, “Master, haven’t you ever heard of a slow pirate?”? Jiulian Hidden Treasure That is to say, in this valley, I have come here for the purpose of treasure hunting, and I have no intention of being an enemy of Baocha. I promise not to move every tree and grass of Baocha.
” “Amitabha,” said the withered Buddha, “I regard the two benefactors as the leaders of the Wulin Alliance. Justice is upheld in the world. How can the benefactor compare himself to a bandit? Isn’t it a sin?” Zhuang Mengdao, the Seven Evil Swords God, could not help changing his color and said, “Old monk, do you dare to slander Zhuang?” Wen Yu still smiled and said: “The master is not listening to my advice.” The withered Buddha clasped his hands in front of his chest, raised his face slightly, and said, “In order to maintain the tranquility of Buddhism, I have a little difficulty. I hope the benefactor will pay attention to it.” Hearing this, Yu Tian’s eyes flashed sharply. He laughed and said, “What the ancients said is good. Demons are summoned by the heart, and corrections are made by oneself. If the master is willing to listen to my advice and get out of the way as soon as possible, I promise not to touch every tree and grass in Baocha. If the master relies on his skill and makes me angry, then I can’t blame my subordinates. I want to slightly change the people of Han Tuizhi and fire their homes. In order to kill them, fire Although his smile was still on his face and his words were not harsh, there was a kind of murderous look that made people feel cold! The withered Buddha continued to recite “Amitabha Buddha” in his mouth. He slowly closed his eyes and stopped talking. Hearing the sudden appearance of the murder on the sky’s face, he only hid it as soon as it appeared. He bowed his head and said with a smile, “Master, if you practice the magic skill of dry Zen, you should face it quietly and take part in the supreme method. It’s really unwise to stop you.” He said these two words slowly, but in fact the sound was like gold and stone, penetrating the ears of the withered Buddha. If a person with a little less skill, with these two words, he could shake his heartstrings wildly, palpitate, and immediately faint to the ground. The withered Buddha’s expression did not change. His eyes closed slightly and he said in a deep voice, “If I don’t go to hell, who will?” The two of them, just as they were talking, were already secretly fighting. Hearing this, Yu Tian suddenly laughed and said, “Master, the Dharma is really profound, but I think it’s better for Master to get out of the way.” As soon as the voice falls, the person has already followed to push up a step, the left hand waves, a corner of the robe sleeve, flutters lightly toward the brush. Although the withered Buddha was sitting, he did not take it lightly when he heard the wind from the sky. His right hand,PET bottle Mold, with its wide sleeve, also raised itself at the same time. With a “whoosh”, a strong wind came out and rolled forward.

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