Mu Qing and Bao He roared at the same time. Bao was so angry that he wanted to jump. Mu Qing shouted again and told the soldiers to stop first. “Pull Jing Fei back.” Baohe spoke to the people around him. Yefu, Yefu. Mu Qing saw that Bao and did not move, and shouted with all his strength to the outside of the city wall. In the sound of artillery fire, her voice was weak, and Baohe almost died of anger. He jumped over and covered Mu Qing’s mouth. “He’s now called the clerk slave, and he’s no longer your wild man!” Baohe was exasperated. Mu Qing turned his head to look at Baohe, then jumped on the wall and shouted again. The rocket below rubbed her head to be waved down by Baohe’s sleeve. The people on the side wanted to pull her down. Mu Qing made a rolling gesture with such a big belly that even Baohe was helpless. She clung to the wall and shouted, the wind was loud, the side she was in was a mess, even the belt of her cloak was scattered, and no one took care of it. The scattered cloak called the wind and the oil engine area turned down from the wall. Mu Qing didn’t care about the cloak and called Yefu again. Bao and stood on the edge and didn’t pull Mu Qing. He just told her to shout enough, and her voice slowly became clear. Because the sound of the siege from below has subsided. Go back. Baohe took a look at the gate, and in the vast crowd of living and dead people, he could see the people riding on horses in the distance. Mu Qing had just made a big move, and there was movement in his stomach. His lips turned white and he followed Baohe down. By this time it was past noon, and when they went down, the west gate was almost broken, but now it was stopped, and the two sides began to confront each other temporarily. Mu Qing was so angry that he was forced to lie down as soon as he got back to the house. The city was not broken yet, and the emperor was still asleep in the house for the time being. Baohe turned around on the ground and wanted to scold Mu Qing, but he couldn’t scold him. He wanted to scold Yefu, but he couldn’t scold him in front of Mu Qing. For a while, he was just angry to death. Not long after,disc air diffuser, someone outside was in a hurry. Baohe called someone in. Someone sent in a piece of paper with a big hole in it. Baohe took a look at it and said, “Put his mother’s dog fart, get out, Lao Tzu..” Kill you, a little boy who dares to open his mouth. Mu Qing stared at Baohe, who swallowed the words in his mouth and threw the paper out of the window. The wild man wants to see me. When Mu Qing opened his mouth, Baohe was mad with anger. “If you don’t see me, you will attack the city.” Mu Qing added,wall penstocks, Baohe came over and made a gesture to pull Mu Qing’s mouth, “Shut up!” He said, and Mu Qingsui shut up. I’ll go see him. He can’t hurt me. “Fart!”! Now that you are pregnant with Xiaowu’s child, if I can let you out of this city, I will be sorry for my dead old Chen family! “Fortunately, he is the one who attacked the city today. Since he proposed it, we have no other way at the moment. I will go out to see him and bring the child back intact.” “Even if I, Fan Baohe, can’t defend the city, I don’t need you to go out of the city even if the city is broken.” The point is that Xiaowu will kill me when he wakes up. Not to mention the lives of the soldiers in the city, the emperor is still asleep, if the city is broken. I see Yefu one side. If it works, maybe we can wait for the army. “Don’t talk about Xiaowu!”! No means no. You stay well and mention that I will beat you whether you have something in your stomach or not. Baohe threw off his sleeves and went out. Mu Qing opened his eyes and lay down for a long time to smooth his breath. In the afternoon, the sky finally began to rain, Baohe finally released Mu Qing to go out of the city, because the Khitan siege, filter nozzle ,fine bubble diffuser, he could not even receive a letter from Tan Dun, the information in the four directions, the emperor in the city, after all, is not a way, forced to support and support, then forced to Shen Shi, and then can not get through, release Mu Qing out of the city. Baohe found a carriage and asked the Khitan army to retreat five miles, and then took five thousand men with Mu Qing’s carriage to the south gate to go out. Mu Qing sits in the carriage like a drum, she has not seen the wild man for nearly a year, she and the wild man. She hadn’t even had time to say goodbye to Yefu, and today it seemed that she was able to say goodbye to him formally. When she left just now, she went to the emperor’s room. Without saying anything, she saw that the emperor was still asleep and came out and got into the carriage. If he was awake, she dared to go out of the city today, he would be furious, Mu Qing was cranky, the carriage stopped in a twinkling of an eye, the curtain of the carriage was lifted, Mu Qing sat for a moment unable to move, she could not think of what expression to see the wild man. Come out quickly.
“Baohe urged outside, the carriage was at daggers drawn, all the swords in the rain curtain did not return to the scabbard, Baohe stood on the top of the carriage to look across, and then called Mu Qing out.”. Mu Qing finally poked his head out of the carriage and went to the ground. Then he looked seven or eight meters away and saw the wild man at a glance. Yefu is still tall, the original short hair has become long, hair left, he has been completely a Khitan dress, Mu Qing has seen the image of the founding emperor of Khitan, Yefu so a dress suddenly looks like a bit of Khitan ancestors, Liangzhou vassal department, Liao Khitan, vassal department and Khitan is a dead enemy can not have contact, who is he? He was almost killed by the Khitan. How could he be transformed into a Khitan royal family? How could his father pick him up when he was born. Her heart was so confused that all her thoughts disappeared in the twinkling of an eye when she walked forward. The person standing in front of her was just Yefu, the Yefu who had lived with her for two years. The wilderness is full of soldiers, soldiers swords are hanging, brewing for half a day of rain from small to big, rain cool wind, no one has a voice, everyone stood still, only Mu Qing cage coir raincoat to go forward. Yefu did not sit on his horse, he stood in the rain, did not wear a coir raincoat or armor, holding the black cloak that Mu Qing had fallen from the wall in the morning. She seemed to be going back to what she looked like in the palace at that time. Her black hair was light and her skin was plump. Her eyes were dark and dignified. She walked quietly and solemnly. The wild man tried to avoid her stomach, but he could not avoid it. Finally, his eyes fell on her stomach. She has a long body, but now she has such a big belly. It should be very hard. A year ago she went with someone else, and now she is pregnant with someone else’s child. Seven or eight meters away, Mu Qing finally arrived. Looking up, the wild man’s beard covered most of his face. Mu Qing looked for the wild man’s eyes,disc air diffuser, which were as vicious as tigers and wolves. Yefu. Mu Qing opened his mouth, the wild man’s eyes slowly sank, and finally became familiar with Mu Qing. khnwatertreatment.com

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