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“According to common sense, it is true.”. But Ben Gong knew that Ji Kongshou had the heart to contend for hegemony in the world. With his wisdom, it was not difficult to see the general trend of the world today, so he had proposed to Ben Gong the intention of uniting to resist. If what I expect is not bad, as long as Xiang Yu does not fall for a day, the relationship between the bosom friend pavilion and us can be maintained. Liu bang seemed to think of the content of the conversation with Ji Kongshou, some heavy in the heart, and a bit helpless, the resentment between him and Ji Kongshou, has never been able to resolve, but in order to contend for hegemony in the world, they all resolutely decided to put aside personal honor and disgrace, which in a sense, they really have too much in common. When Liu Bang returned to the hegemony, he did not hesitate, immediately ordered the armed forces, with the fastest speed to Ba, Shu, Hanzhong three places, all the way invincible, encounter Qin army stubborn resistance, a defeat. Is about to arrive in Hanzhong county south Zheng, news from the Guanzhong, Xiang Yu has been king in Peng Cheng, self-proclaimed overlord of western Chu, jurisdiction of Liang, Chu nine county,Stainless steel foundry, at the same time to make Liu Bang as the king of Han, in ba, Shu, king of Hanzhong. Since then, the general trend of the world from this and the formation of a major turning point, has been faintly visible Liu, the general pattern of hegemony. The only not in Liu expected, is named Huaiyin Hou Han Xin, he arrived in Huaiyin, but just a few months of time,die cast light housing, power development is fierce, a few unstoppable potential, the king of domineering has begun to see the clue, make Liu bang surprise, rather more than a worry. The third chapter is not surprised At the same time when Liu Bang left Hongmen, Ji Kongshou almost met the biggest danger since his debut. Even if he was alone in the face of many elites in Wentianlou, his mood had never been so heavy and disordered. The reason why he will appear this kind of situation, not only because the opponent is Zhao Gao, but also realize the discomfort of being controlled by others everywhere. He had no choice but to put aside his distracting thoughts, take a deep breath, and then lightly lift the farewell knife, pointing the blade to Zhao Gao three feet away. It was already late at night, and wisps of light mist appeared on the lake, seeping into the air bit by bit, making the world more complicated and confusing under the moonlight. When the blade of Ji Kongshou moved across the void like a mountain, the air flowing in this space suddenly choked and fell into a chill. Although it was still early winter, it seemed that the severe winter of breathing into ice had suddenly arrived. Zhao Yueshan, who was far away from Baizhang, and the masters of the World Pavilion all looked at each other and could not hear the slightest sound. They obeyed Zhao Gao’s orders and did not dare to step forward. Although they absolutely believe in the strength of Zhao Gao, DIN screw plug ,die casting parts, but whether it is Mr. Wuyin, or Ji Kongshou, the two are the world’s first-class master, to catch them all, it is not easy. In the silence, the pressure rises sharply, and the wind comes slowly, which can not penetrate into this solemn and infinite space at all. Ah.. Ji empty-handed shouted loudly and finally made a move. But his movement is not as fast as Zhao Gao imagined, but a long knife slanting, slowly to the place where Zhao Gao stood. The blade passes through the void, gradually strengthens the rotary convection with the direction of the blade, triggers greater vitality in the collision, and raises the pressure in the air to the limit step by step. Zhao Gao’s feet were slightly divided, his hands were lightly raised, and along the trajectory of the other side’s knife, his palms were slightly opened into an arc-shaped crane’s beak, drawing irregular circles in front of his body. Every time he draws a circle, there are all kinds of changes. The circle changes into a curve, the curve changes into a square, the square changes into a sharp, and finally returns to the circle. It seems that there is a cycle of reincarnation, which can complement each other and form a relatively deep vacuum. Zhao Gao couldn’t help to make a new estimate of Ji kongshou, in this situation, Ji kongshou can still keep so calm, which itself has shown that the internal force of Ji kongshao has reached the state of mind of “spoils and humiliations”. Every time Zhao Gao drew a circle, his speed decreased more and more, and in the end, his palm just moved imperceptibly. He didn’t want to do this, but the murderous look in Ji Kongshou Dao became more and more dignified, and across the void, there was a period of suspension of time and space. Ji Kongshou’s knife is almost the realization of his life, which fully demonstrates his profound understanding of martial arts.
Knife into the void, has become invisible, the moonlight is like a knife, the knife is like a crescent moon, heaven and earth and the knife into one, there is no trace of man-made. As soon as Zhao Gao’s eyebrows jumped, he seemed to have seen the mystery behind the knife, and what surprised him even more was that just as Ji Kongshou split the knife, a distant and graceful sound of the flute came from his feet, and the sound waves shook the ancient pavilion slightly. As soon as Ji Kongshou heard the sound of the flute, his mind was greatly calmed, which at least proved that although Mr. Wuyin was trapped in the Jedi, he was safe after all. Zhao Gao’s face was changed, suddenly realized that the war situation at this moment has undergone a subtle change. Seemingly this is a decisive battle between Zhao Gao and Ji Kongshou, but with the intervention of Xiao Yin, Zhao Gaodun has a feeling of being attacked by two masters. Although the thick iron gate can block Mr. Wuyin’s people, it can not block Mr. Wuyin’s “sound”, and that song “No Curse” is a wonderful stunt in the world. Only then did Zhao Gao realize that he had made a mistake, a mistake that he could regret for the rest of his life. He should not choose to separate Mr. Wuyin into the iron gate, but should deceive Ji Kongshou into the trap, so that although it is more difficult to deal with Mr. Wuyin, it will not form such a passive situation now. Now the only remedy is that he can’t wait any longer, but he must act when Ji Kongshou’s sword is not in its heyday. Otherwise ( September Forum), with the passage of time, he can’t escape the fate of being defeated on the spot. Masters compete, only for a line, and sometimes an insignificant change can often determine the fate of both sides. Without hesitation, his palms moved slowly like a circle, with his body as the center,metal stamping parts, generating a stream of air like a blade, which sank down to form a vacuum vortex with strong suction. The expression of Ji Kongshou froze and exclaimed, “There is nothing to avoid!” 。

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