Shao Gang’s office is relatively large, because he often holds small meetings in it. There is a long desk in the office, and there are eight places. Qin Feng sat down at the top and said, “Contact Xie Ke’s department managers and come here for a meeting in an hour to talk about the recent situation of the group.” Xie Ke and Xu Zhijie also came from S city a few days ago. Qin Feng felt that it was not worthwhile to put the two department managers there to manage so little business, which was a waste of resources, so he transferred them back. As for the business over there, it was half sold and half delivered to Murong Di. Murong Di is very welcome to this, although he and Qin Feng are “firm allies”, but always do not want to have allies around the eyes watching, now Qin Feng to completely withdraw from S city, of course, he is happy. Wen Fei and Huang Guang stood straight behind Qin Feng, closing their eyes and practicing. Japan’s first battle, let them know their own weakness, single out a special tolerance is OK, two words are estimated to be dangerous, three words are no suspense-how can we work for the boss like this? It’s a complete drag! Half out of guilt, half for the sake of self-esteem or a man’s face, they decided to work harder and improve their strength as much as possible in a short time-they didn’t care about the bullshit rules of “step by step”, and they were eager to reach the sky in one step! Therefore, they practiced whenever they were free. Qin Feng does not care about them, as long as there is no big problem, they want to practice as they like. Shao Gang first called several department managers,tin beneficiation plant, and then sat in front of the computer to sort out the information, Qin Feng wanted to know the recent operation of the group, then his general manager’s report is the most important. Only an hour’s time, several other people have to rush over, and Shao Gang saved the time to travel, finally took advantage of a little. An hour is neither long nor short. When Shao Gang sorted out the information and printed it out, several other people arrived. Public Relations Manager Xu Zhijie, Finance Manager Li Yuyao,small gold wash plant, Quality Inspection Manager Liu Yun, Advertising Manager Xie Ke, Personnel Manager Luo Xingdong, Business Manager Fang Cheng, together with Shao Gang and Qin Feng, just eight people sat down at the conference table. Good morning, everyone! Qin Feng’s eyes swept over the faces of the seven people. “Today, I call you here to learn about the situation of the Group in the latest quarter.”. Let’s talk about it briefly. Manager Xu, you go first. Xu Zhijie pushed Jinsi’s eyes and said, “I say it from three aspects.”. First, the relationship between our group and related companies and enterprises. Generally speaking, the situation is relatively good, whether it is suppliers, distributors, or other cooperative enterprises, our group can guarantee the credibility, tin beneficiation plant ,mineral flotation, so far has not found the phenomenon of cheating our group, nor the occurrence of such things as arrears of payment. Second, the relationship between our group and the local government. In this respect, the situation is unsatisfactory. Although there is no obvious action taken by the government against our group, according to the information at hand, some of our businesses, such as mining, may compete with some state-owned enterprises, so the government has higher requirements for us in terms of review and supervision than in general business. Third, the relationship between our group and the local people. The situation in this area is worse. Especially those stores directly facing the masses, there have been hundreds of disputes. People came to our group’s stores for various reasons to make trouble. Although it can be proved afterwards that it is not our fault, the reputation of our group has been affected for a long time. According to the report on the dispute submitted below, I believe that someone deliberately provoked the masses. Therefore, judging from the situation of the public relations department, what needs to be solved urgently at present is the relationship between the group and the local people. If this relationship is not done well, the business of the group will be greatly affected. Qin Feng nodded: “I will send someone to help you solve this problem.”. On the government side, I will find a time to visit the heads of the brain, I believe it is not a big problem. Now, Manager Li, you say it. Li Yuyao handed a financial statement to Qin Feng and said, “Last quarter, our group achieved a net profit of 3.8 billion yuan, an increase of 162.5% over the same period last year-in fact, this comparison is meaningless.”.
Why doesn’t it make sense? Li Yuyao did not say, but we all know that in this quarter of last year, “Xiu Shi” was still in S City, and now, most of the industries of the original Wuwei Hall and the Palace of Eternal Youth have become the property of “Xiu Shi”, and the crazy increase in profits is understandable. Li Yuyao continues to say: “Although look from overall profit, really many, but ‘profit margin’ not high however.”. Compared with the top 500 companies in the world, our output is very low for the same amount of input. For example, if we invest 100 yuan, if the top 500 companies can earn 120 yuan, then we can only earn about 103 yuan. Therefore, it is very important to improve the profit margin. Qin Feng nodded, but did not say anything, the problem of profit margin can not be solved by the underworld forces on hand, can only rely on the operation of professionals. Liu Yun went on to say: “Our group is in good condition in terms of quality supervision and management, and there are no quality problems in food, machinery and real estate so far.”. Some people slander our group with quality problems, but after the inspection of government departments, it is confirmed that there is no problem with our products. These are the reports on the more than one hundred disputes. Please have a look. Said to push a thick stack of information in front of Qin Feng. Qin Feng did not immediately look, it is because he believed in Liu Yun’s character and strength, so he gave the quality inspection department to him, now it seems that he managed quite well. Qin Feng has a little understanding of Liu Yun’s past and knows that Liu Yun is a meticulous person who attaches great importance to quality. Liu Yun once stayed in a company, whose boss asked him not to be so strict with the quality, because sometimes, a little defective products are needed, but Liu Yun did not compromise,coltan ore processing, resolutely destroyed the defective products, and was fired by the boss. Qin Feng naturally does not care about the extra profit brought by a little defective goods, so he appreciates Liu Yun’s practice very much. ore-magnetic-mining.com

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