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Super abomination

Element-rich elf dragons when the keel gun is out of body once again give the keel gun a lot of auxiliary magic “Cat’s Swift” “Hard” “Bear’s Power” Now it becomes three big light bulbs shining with colorful light As soon as the keel spear is pointed Aurora and the elf dragon are in the same mind He immediately stabbed the black torrent of the mountain master Boom! The colorful halo above the keel gun did not dissipate much but hundreds of meat hooks were blasted into debris Shan Ye’s face changed slightly There was a flash of joy in his eyes Cosmetics Materials Another black torrent rose and hit Aurora hard Aurora giggled with undisguised disdain in her eyes “Waste!”! Is that all you can do Shan Ye was not moved and even the “space hand” that had been prepared for a long time was put away Half an hour later Aurora couldn’t laugh Because she found that the meat hooks had changed dramatically from breaking at the beginning to breaking with difficulty now And there were a lot of gaps in her invincible keel gun as if it had been gnawed by a dog Slightly panting Aurora looked at the mountain master his eyes filled with anger and slowly became more serious Ding! The keel meat hook upgrades the condition to achieve 78% please continue to absorb the new kind of keel! “Ding!”! Absorb keel to more than 50% trigger the suppression effect the hardness of the meat hook increases! Looked at the system prompt the mountain master in the heart secretly pleased the facial expression still maintained enough vigilance Aurora congealed her beautiful thin eyebrows looked at the black torrent that continued to attack raised the keel gun slightly and pointed to the black torrent As Aurora read the head of the gun slowly gathered a little bit of green awn The green awn quickly solidifies and slowly elongates forming a door of dense blue light symbols An elite wind element roaring flashed out of the green awn beat the whirlpool fists and crashed into the black torrent of the mountain master This is not the end as long as the runes on the door of light shine there will be a strong and tall elite wind element Soon more than 30 elite wind elements appeared in the air The last wind element is particularly tall with a flashing thunder ring on its wrist and a big blue element rune on its chest which is very powerful Ding! Exploratory spell activated cost 40 experience points! “Ding!”! Found 32 elite wind elements one wind element elder! Shan Ye’s eyes were slightly cool and he no longer stood on the ground to be beaten but turned into a black cloud leaving only an ugly fat head and two strong arms In this way at least in terms of terrain the two sides are fair The other side looked for the hatchet man the mountain master is also not polite at once between the mind linkage a blue plush big hand tore the space jumped out The Great Sky Ape did not need to be greeted at all Chemicals Suppliers and immediately pounced on the Wind Elemental Elder who was second only to Aurora There is a big empty ape blocking the wind element elder and the mountain master is much more relaxed here The mutant white mink which had been hiding on the body of the mountain master also shot out After this period of cultivation and the mountain master has cultivated some space gadgets for these white minks their endurance has reached the strength of five attacks Seven or eight white minks entangled with the same number of elite wind elements do not seek to kill the enemy as long as they block for a moment This is not enough Shan Ye incarnation of the black fog a surge more than three hundred meat hooks suddenly crazy burst out! This time the black torrent really blocked the sun and covered all the enemies Wind element is not an entity can not be hooked can only be subject to a certain degree of sonic interference and forced damage But more than three hundred meat hooks came out together and the remaining wind elements were also entangled Directly put the meat hook into a bone prison temporarily control these obstructive guys Shan Ye looked at Aurora who had not yet recovered and grinned Aurora’s colorful halo immediately lit up like a light bulb guarding against the attack of the mountain master With such a delay the elder of the wind element who was entangled by the big empty ape had not yet displayed his “violent blow” but was crushed by a sudden wave hand which severely crushed the rune shining with green awn On the dark blue square face of the wind element elder there was a touch of disbelief
For elemental creatures ordinary attacks can not cause damage to them at all Detergent Chemicals Only energy attacks with the same energy nature and higher than itself can instantly cause great damage to elemental creatures Shan Ye’s big hand which fluctuated and twisted not only directly penetrated the “wall of the wind” with strong defensive power but also crushed the rune of the wind element that he had worked hard to condense for hundreds of years with his bare hands Whew! Whew! This powerful wind element elder like a broken skin held back at a speed visible to the naked eye Before the wind element elder died he stared at the dark blue eyes of the wind as if to remember the face of the mountain master Unfortunately the last thing it saw was not the blue sky and the blue sea but a fishy green chest and mouth covered with spiral teeth Ding! Evil Devour is activated and the power judgment is lower than the host! “Ding!”! The evil devours successfully devours the wind element elder gains the experience value 388 points the dexterity increases 2 points! “Ding!”! Get an intermediate wind spar and a bottle of dissolving agent! No time to see the harvest Shan Ye picked up the spar and the bottle of potion and continued to join the battle group At this time Aurora also recovered from her consternation gritted her teeth forced the secret method and gently pressed her hands on the back of the elf dragon On the colorful pointed head of the elf dragon he suddenly showed a touch of fear and hissed “Ang ~!”! Ang ~! Orola’s eyes were slightly frozen and there was a little pain in his eyes but he pressed his palm down and inserted it into the body of the elf dragon For Aurora the hard defense of the elven dragon is as easy as cutting butter Poof! With a control rune in the palm of his hand he quickly grabbed the spine of the elf dragon Even if the elf dragon is with Aurora even if it lives and dies with Aurora the pain of being pulled out of the bone marrow is unbearable globalchemmall.com

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