The imperial concubine was anxious to see the emperor, so she urged the two aunts impatiently, “Hurry up and let her eat. I don’t have time to spend time with her here.” A thousand colors listen, shout, “jade imperial concubine, the emperor has come, you still have time to stop now.” Um. Cough.. It’s over. She’s already eaten! What is she going to do! Then, Yufei seemed to say something proudly in front of her, but she could not hear anything, and she suddenly felt that the world seemed to have become a silent pantomime. Abdominal cramps began, waves of pain came one after another, a sweet throat, a thousand colors suddenly spurted a big mouthful of blood. Thank you all for your support! Maybe you still have doubts. It doesn’t matter. We will continue to explain tomorrow. Inexplicable feelings 1 “Ah!”! Empress, why is she vomiting blood. “Impossible, people who are poisoned will not vomit blood!” Yu Fei was also startled by the scene in front of her. Empress, she vomited again. What should I do now? If she dies.. The emperor will blame him. “Shut up and calm down for this palace!” Yes, at this moment, she must be calm and must not let the emperor know about it. Bang! At that moment, there was a loud noise and the door was kicked open. Ah Emperor. The three ladies of the court were already in a panic. Yu Fei did not expect that Cang Ao would suddenly rush here and stand there in a daze, looking at him in disbelief. There was a loud scream in the room, then a dead silence. Qianse opened his eyes vaguely,face recognition identification kiosk, and in front of the wide open door stood a tall figure, whose shadow was stretched very long by the light coming in from outside. She lowered her eyes lightly, and the corners of her mouth made a slight arc. It was time for the end of the scene. She is really tired of acting! Cang Ao walked into the room, the people in the room immediately panic, surprise, fear, fear of all expressions. However, his line of sight is in the first time to see thousands of colors. His eyes narrowed unconsciously at the sight of her weakness and the blood at the corners of her mouth. Even though he knew she would be like this,smart interactive whiteboard, he was surprised. In a short period of two hours, the jade imperial concubine actually tortured her like this. It seems that Nie Qianse’s ability to annoy people is not generally fierce. I see the emperor. Yu Fei hurriedly winked at her aunt who was holding the medicine bottle, and when she saw that she had hidden the medicine bottle without any trace, she calmly walked up to Cang Ao and bowed with a smile. No courtesy. Cang Ao’s tone was bitterly cold, and Yu Fei’s heart, which had barely calmed down, panicked again. Only then did the ladies in the room react and kneel on the ground with a splash and salute him. Jade Concubine, can you tell me what’s going on? Cang Ao ignored the kneeling servant, squinted at the jade imperial concubine, and asked in a silent tone. Inexplicable feelings 2 Yu Fei lowered her head and rolled her eyes. With tears in her eyes, she threw herself into Cang Ao’s arms and cried, “Your Majesty, you must make decisions for me!” “Be in charge?” Cang Ao raised his eyebrows lightly. “Yes, Your Majesty, this time you must make decisions for me, digital signage kiosk ,Interactive digital signage, or I will jump into the Yellow River and not be able to wash it.” Looking at the pear blossom with rain in front of her, the pitiful woman, Cang Ao’s eyes are cold or cold. If Yu Fei has any grievance, just say it, and I will make decisions for you. Jade imperial concubine listens, in the heart suddenly one happy, hanging the moment heart also fell down. Then, holding Cang Ao’s arm in her arms, she was wronged and said, “Your Majesty, I am now the head of the harem, and I am in charge of everything in the harem.” “So when I heard that the emperor had recruited Miss Nie to the palace to learn the rules and lay the foundation for becoming a concubine in the future, I asked someone to invite Miss Nie to teach her some rules of the harem in person.” “Who knows, who knows that Miss Nie is not only ungrateful, but also makes things difficult for my concubine, and also boldly abuses my concubine.”. So, I taught her a few words, originally thought that this could make her more or less convergence, but she not only did not converge, but also pushed me to the ground.
” “Your Majesty, look, this is the trace of the cut on the bead curtain when I fell to the ground.” Said, the jade imperial concubine stretches out own palm, in the tender white palm as expected has a long and red ligature mark. Cang Ao looked at the ligature mark on her palm and did not speak. Afraid of his suspicion, Yu Fei said hurriedly, “Your Majesty, this is true.”. If you don’t believe me, you can ask them. They’ve seen it with their own eyes. “Do you think so?” The Jade Concubine asked the three maids kneeling. Yes, yes! Back to the emperor, what the Jade Concubine said is true. At this moment, in order to save their own lives, the three palace maids had to cooperate with the words of the Jade Concubine. Hum At that moment, a slight cold hum sounded, but it was enough for the people in the darkroom to hear it lightly. Cang Ao’s eyes turned to a thousand colors, the corners of her mouth silently raised an arc, this woman, to this time, her claws still did not put away. Inexplicable feelings 3 “Your Majesty, listen!”! What an attitude she has! The jade imperial concubine can catch the opportunity, hurriedly pointing to the thousand colors to accuse a way. The emperor At this time, Qianse also opened his mouth. It was really the jade imperial concubine who let the two palace maids harm my concubine like this. You have to make decisions for my concubine. The two aunts, who had been groveling on the ground and dared not come out, heard the thousand colors and pulled them in, shaking all over their bodies even more. Yufei, even if Nie Qianse is wrong, you can’t Lynch her and torture her like this. Her proud eyes glanced at the silver needles scattered on the ground and the bloodshot corners of her mouth. She knew that she could not explain the hematemesis, and that the emperor would even think that she had done it. So her eyes immediately filled with tears, trying to win the emperor’s trust with pity. Your Majesty,digital signage screen, Nie Qianse’s poisoning really has nothing to do with my concubines. I just asked the servants to tie her up to frighten her and teach her a lesson. Who knows, she suddenly vomited blood, and I didn’t know what was going on. 。

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