Big Childe says very affirmatively beside: “This matter is absolutely true, it is after my house slave finds out, tell small minister.” Liu Kui smiled happily and said slowly to Tian Kui, “Uncle, I said early in the morning that Zhuo Cheng was cunning and arrogant, but you insisted on worshipping him as a wise man.”. Not to mention that Yunshu is the person your majesty and I have taken a fancy to, even if he is the lowest slave, what is Zhuo Cheng? How dare you go to Sang Shizhong’s house to rob people? Finish this call, Liu Da was very happy, before Zhuo Cheng abandoned her, all vent out, and then look at Tian Fen’s expression, the more I think the more happy! The first time Tian Fen heard the name “Yunshu”, he did not know why the emperor and Princess Pingyang valued her, and why Zhuo Cheng wanted to catch her, which caused him a lot of puzzlement. But even if he doubts again, see Sang Hongyang has found in front of the emperor, I’m afraid it’s true, if he doesn’t handle it well, he’s not afraid to offend Sang Hongyang,jacuzzi manufacturers, but for a follower to offend your majesty and the princess, it’s not worth it. Then, Tian Fen immediately changed his tune and said, “I will go back to the mansion to find out everything!”! If this woman was really taken away by Zhuo Cheng, I must let him return her intact to Sang Shizhong! Sang Hongyang breathed a sigh of relief and said, “That humble minister is waiting for Tian Taiwei to return Yunshu intact.” Liu Che thought it was interesting and suddenly said, “I ate too much today. I want to go out of the palace for a walk. Uncle,jacuzzi suppliers, let’s go to your house.” All of a sudden, Liu Da, Sang Hongyang, Tian Fen three people happen to coincide, different expressions to Liu Che. Text 83. Exposing lies 83. Expose lies Yunshu was woken up by the cold. After a shiver, the feeling of numbness spread all over the body. It’s so cold. Did you kick off the quilt when you were sleeping? But why does my neck hurt so much. She gradually twisted her stiff neck and tried to raise her hand to rub it, but found that her hands were completely paralyzed and could not move at all. This feeling of being unable to control her body woke her up, and she opened her eyes in horror, only to see herself tied up and thrown in a humble wooden house! Yunshu restrained her impulse to scream, although she did not know what had happened to her, but her mouth was not blocked, indicating that the person who tied her was not afraid of her screaming. Since it is useless, why bother? She hunched up on the ground like a caterpillar and tried to sit up against the wall. The cold ground made her whole body stiff, and it was really hard to do this. When she chose a barely comfortable position to sit against the wall, endless swim spa ,outdoor endless pool, she began to try to remember what had happened before, but she had no clue! Looks like he was kidnapped in his sleep. Good courage, dare to do anything to rob people! Her throat was dry and sore from a cold. She coughed lightly and said in a hoarse voice, “Is there anyone outside?”? I want to see Zhuo Cheng. A rough man who was warming the stove in the outer room heard the faint sound of mosquitoes and flies in Yunshu. Push the door and go inside. When he looked at Shangyunshu’s eyes, which were as calm as water, he was a little surprised. He thought to himself, “This little girl is not afraid of surprise, but she is not ordinary.” What did you say The voice of the big fellow was like thunder, which made Yunshu’s eardrum ache. I want to see Zhuo Cheng, he found someone to tie me up, not just to imprison me here, right? Only then did the big fellow hear Yunshu’s words clearly. He could not help looking at her again and said, “Wait!” Zhuo Cheng and two other men bought hot steamed buns and threw a few to the man guarding Yunshu. “Are you awake?” He asked. The big fellow stuffed half a steamed bun into his mouth, nodded and said, “I just woke up and said I wanted to see you as soon as I opened my mouth.” Zhuo Cheng is stupefied, the heart thinks: This thing is he is done, have so apparent? With a wry smile, he went into the inner room and saw Yunshu sitting quietly against the wall. Yunshu raised his head and laughed instead of being angry when he saw Zhuo Cheng. Zhuo Cheng was puzzled by Yun Shu’s laughter and asked, “How can you still laugh when you’re dying?” Yunshu laughed even harder and asked softly, “What’s the fear of death?” Although the sound was small, it was as harsh as a nail on Zhuo Cheng’s eardrum.
What is the fear of death? Will Yunshu still be afraid of death after he has died twice? Especially the one who died under Zhuo Cheng, it was so unforgettable! Yun Shu is disinclined to talk nonsense with him, ask directly: “You catch me to come over.”. It wasn’t to kill me. Was it for those two witnesses? Zhuo Cheng, if I don’t scold you, what kind of paste is in your head? Do you think if you catch me here, I will give you the witness, and you can escape the pursuit of Dali Temple? Why don’t you think about it? If I suddenly disappear, the people guarding the witness will naturally think about why I disappeared. Maybe they will send the witness to the Dali Temple now! Zhuo Cheng’s face was red and white. He looked away from Yunshu’s face and turned to the windowsill. He said, “It’s impossible. Your life is uncertain. Your people dare not act rashly!”! Yunshu, if you want to live, tell me the whereabouts of those two witnesses quickly! Lu Li has nothing to do with you. His life and death have nothing to do with you! Yunshu looked at Zhuo Cheng in disgust and said, “Do you think everyone is as selfish and vicious as you?”? Mr. Lu is your savior, and you’re going to kill him just because he refuses your invitation! Zhuo Chengmeng turned around and stared at Yunshu. He knew my secret, and I had to kill him! If he is willing to assist Tian Taiwei with me, I can still give him a chance of survival, he cut off his own way out! Cloud Shu indissolubles, Lu Li knows the secret of Zhuo Cheng? What secret? Zhuo Cheng crouched down in front of Yun Shu and pinched Yun Shu’s lower jaw with one hand. He said, “I had a high fever after being whipped by Princess Pingyang. I said a lot of things in a daze. After I woke up, Lu Li asked me what I meant when I said, ‘I am a traverser, and I know history.’”! Yunshu, do you understand my feelings of surprise, regret and worry at that time? I’m not sure what else I’m talking about, but Lu Li must not live in the world! In his sleep,best whirlpool tub, he told the secret that he was a traverser? Zhuo Cheng is really a big fool who has never come before or since! Yun Shu cursed in his heart, and the next moment he turned his head and said, “I don’t understand what you mean!” 。

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