Li Tianze sighed lightly, patted Lin Yuner on the arm, and pretended to laugh and said, “Yuner, why do you look like this?”? Don’t look if you dare not. “Li Tianze..” You big idiot.. Lin Yuner muttered, reluctantly loosened Li Tianze’s arm, and leaned back on the sofa with some annoyance. What did you say Startled by the voice in the play, Li Tianze did not hear Lin Yuner’s words clearly. Nothing. Watch your movie.. “Oh..” It has to be said that Korean horror films are quite different from European and American horror films in terms of story background and creative techniques. European and American horror films are not so much horror as nausea, bloody scenes and some stomach-churning story fragments, which make people unable to eat for three days. But South Korea’s horror movie pays attention to the background rendering, the music matches, adds on the off-white key tone, obviously does not have any terror scene, actually lets the human be creepy, as if personally on the scene … Not far from that pair of lovers, the woman has long buried her head in the arms of the man … Lin Yuner was gradually attracted by the story in the film, put aside the heart of a trace of irritability, concentrate on watching the film,Small Geared Motors, see the thrilling place, or will be ravaged on Li Tianze’s arm. After an hour and a half, Li Tianze looked at his red and swollen left arm and smiled bitterly. Li Tianze, who walked out of the cinema, felt a little uncomfortable with the flashing neon lights on the street. He rubbed his sour eyes and said to Lin Yuner, “Yuner,gear reduction motor, are you hungry?”? Would you like to get something to eat? “Not hungry, send me back to the dormitory.” Lin Yuner did not look at Li Tianze and said lightly. What are you angry about? Really.. Li Tianze muttered. Divide. Cut. Line. The night view of Seoul is very beautiful. The slowly flowing Han River runs through the center of the city, like a green jade belt, reflecting the bright stars in the sky. The noise of the whole city reached its peak at this moment, and all kinds of sounds mingled together, washing away the flowers of the autumn night sky. The lights on both sides of the highway shone on Lin Yuner’s perfect side face, dazzling Li Tianze. Car driving in a bustling neon, two people are silent … Li Tianze suddenly felt some heartache, that in the past hearty laughter carefree Lin Yuner as if gradually away from his own, he wanted to reach out to grasp, but afraid of only water and quicksand, unable to grasp, unable to retain. The ten-minute journey came in a flash, Small Dc Gear Motor ,brushless gear motor, and the roaring sound of the car’s motor gradually stopped. Li Tianze sent Lin Yuner to the front of the corridor and stopped. Tianze oppa, thank you for accompanying me today. Lin Yuner lowered her head and said softly. That one Nothing, I just don’t have anything to do.. Li Tianze some helplessly touched the nose, some are not used to Lin Yuner’s tone. I’ll go up first. Be careful when you go back. Lin Yuner raised his head, took a deep look at Li Tianze, turned around, as if breaking up. Lin Yuner gradually away from the back so that Li Tianze fear unceasingly, as if this turn cut off all the fetters, cut off all the links between him, Li Tianze want to say something, but the words to the mouth but can not spit out completely. The air is filled with the faint fragrance of the earth, the restless sound of insects seems to come from the distance, Li Tianze sighed helplessly, watching Lin Yuner’s back disappear in sight. Turn around. Leave. Lin Yuner’s figure appeared quietly, eyes slightly moist, I do not know what to think. Lin Yuner looked at Li Tianze’s back, sighed helplessly, and kept silent. PS: Emotional drama is really not written by people.. I feel a little sad. … [Chapter 31 of the main text] Tianze, how was yesterday? Did you have a good date with Lin Yuner and Xu Xian? The next day, Zhang Bao called and said that he and Ding Ning didn’t want to go out and stayed in the hotel. What else can I do? That’s it. “” Li Tianze sighed lightly, somewhat helpless.
After returning home yesterday, Li Tianze picked up his cell phone and found Lin Yuner’s phone several times, but never pressed the’call ‘button. Li Tianze is afraid that he has never been in love. He is a blank sheet of paper in his feelings. He doesn’t know what to say after connecting the phone. In the end, I simply gave up. “恩 ? Didn’t you confess? Zhang Bao was stupefied. No, I just don’t know how to say it when it comes to my mouth. After what happened yesterday, Li Tianze finally saw his heart clearly. His feelings for Lin Yuner were completely different from those of other girls. For Han Enjing, the first friend after he came to Korea, Li Tianze cherished it very much, but it was just a friend relationship. Maybe it would turn into a confidante in the future, but the relationship between them was only here and would not go beyond one step. Two combinations of Xu Xian and Park Ji-yeon, Li Tianze is more of the two as a sister, since childhood there is no sister Li Tianze also cherish this feeling. As for others, maybe it’s just the feelings between friends, simple and clear relationship … Only Lin Yuner, whenever think of this girl, Li Tianze’s mouth will always involuntarily gently up. Lin Yuner’s lively and cheerful personality, clean and clear temperament and tireless smile are beating Li Tianze’s heart all the time. Li Tianze likes to see the satisfaction on her face after tasting the delicious food she made, and likes to hear her sitting behind her laughing without scruple. When Lin Yuner is affirmed by others because of her own efforts and shed tears of joy, Li Tianze will also feel happy. Li Tianze will feel distressed when she practices hard day and night in order to stand on the stage perfectly. The girl named Lin Yuner has been deeply imprinted in Li Tianze’s heart and can no longer be erased. Tianze, are you a pig? This kind of thing man must take the initiative. If you don’t know what to say,Planetary Gear Motor, then go straight up and kiss to ensure your success. Zhang Bao grinned and swore. Uh. Brother Bao, it seems that you don’t have a girlfriend, do you? Why does it sound so experienced? Li Tianze said strangely. ichgearmotor.com

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