? Li Chengfeng, the famous genius of the Xilin clan, is dead. He was killed by the style of Chu in the sea area, and turned into a large rain of blood, falling into the blue sea. All of a sudden, people on the island pupil contraction, the impact is very big, the Xilin race is not an ordinary race, the top strong race in the universe. Many people present asked themselves not as good as Li Chengfeng, and the gap was very big, but now he was killed by Chu Feng, with fists exploded in midair! “Has the Xilin people degenerated over the years?” Some people can’t believe it. Because, when it comes to this race, everyone thinks that it is powerful and talented, and the genius of the race is bound to be terrible. In particular, the race originates from the earth, which is the blood born on this star. And Chu Feng was also born here, but relatively speaking, in the eyes of outsiders, he is no longer a pure blood lineal, can only be regarded as the descendants of that group of strong clans, blood mottled impure. Based on this, before the war, many people felt that in terms of blood alone, Chu Feng was not as good as Li Chengfeng! But now see this kind of picture, they all double pupil send out divine awn, one by one extremely surprised. It’s not that the Xilin clan is not strong, but that the Chu wind is too powerful. Although it was born on today’s declining planet, it is, after all, the descendants of those strong people! “I have a kind of guess, he atavism, perhaps the power of blood is extremely strong, so can suppress the pure blood Xilin clan!” On the island, there was a hubbub,tile profile factory, and the sons of gods and saints from different galaxies were all moved. This was a record of success, not mixed with any water. If the battle of Mount Tai, there are still some people questioned, now they are gasping, Xilin clan, ah, the top strong clan out of the genius was killed by Chu style, there is no more convincing than this. Ah There was a roar on the sea, like the roar of a wild animal, which was very sad and hurt. It was the young man in silver armor, with beautiful features, who had said lightly before the war between Chu Feng and Li Chengfeng that if he stimulated the aborigines a little,stainless steel edging strip, he would be able to fight a decisive battle without escaping. At that time, he leisurely and contented, did not put Chu Feng in mind, with Li Chengfeng talking and laughing, ignoring Chu Feng. Now, he was full of sadness, his eyes were about to crack, his pupils were burning, his hair was fluttering violently, and his silver armor was fluttering with bright flames. He held a spear in his hand, shining and murderous, like a sacred light rising and falling, burning, and terrible. You killed my brother! The Xilin clan as a whole is gifted, tough and cold, and difficult to deal with, but now this man is trembling and slightly out of control. I’ll kill you again! This is Chu Feng’s response, more overbearing than the Xilin clan. The man’s eyes were cold, did not come over, directly let go of the halberd in his hand, turned into a bright lightning, broke through the sound barrier, burst into terrible brilliance, dazzling, stainless steel tile trim ,metal trim manufacturers, toward the Chu wind. This is spiritual martial arts! Most people control weapons with short and sharp flying swords, but he actually controls a halberd, which is beyond common sense. No need to think carefully, his mental strength is different from ordinary people, very strong! Boom! The air explodes, the white fog explodes, the bright halberd is extremely sharp, its flame is steaming, carries the extremely astonishing energy to split to Chu Feng’s head. Poof! Chu Feng also offered a flying sword, relatively small and short, bright red, glow all over the sky, like a red horse flying out, blocking the halberd. Dang Dang Dang. The sparks splashed in all directions, and the two hit each other violently, bursting out with dazzling light! All of a sudden, people were dazzled, and the bright halberd turned into a white tiger baring its teeth and brandishing its claws. It was extremely fierce. Along the way, the sea was split open, and the vast amount of water was evaporated, almost revealing the bottom of the sea. This is an amazing spiritual martial art, which gives life to this halberd and turns it into a fierce beast. The scene is terrible. I visualize the white tiger, burning the spirit with the starlight, achieving outstanding spiritual martial arts, and injecting a wisp of ferocious beast soul. How can you, a person of wild origin, control weapons like this? The man in silver armor whispered, his eyebrows shining brightly, and the white tiger mark emerged, branded on his forehead, looking extremely fierce.
Even he himself, there are signs of turning into a white tiger, more and more fierce, breath terror! Obviously, he was once a genius in the realm of visualization, but he cut himself in order to cross the border, and his mental strength was his greatest reliance. Chu Feng has acquired spiritual martial arts-Royal Swordsmanship, but now it seems that compared with the spiritual martial arts of the Xilin people, it is relatively superficial. When he controlled the red flying sword and fought against the bright halberd, he cut, whirled, thrust and so on, all kinds of skills and strength were inferior. I, Li Chengyun, will not only kill you today, but also wash your whole family in blood and avenge my brother! The young man in silver armor said in a cold voice. At this time, his change is amazing, no longer beautiful, tall body has signs of ferocious beast, the whole body is full of silver, especially in the face, to turn into a white tiger. Then, his back arched, the tiger manifested, roaring, more and more real, the whole person was wrapped in harsh white light, there are signs of white tiger. On the island, people gasp in cold air. This is a means of visualizing the realm. Generally speaking, if you cross the border, you will not be able to recover in a short time. However, this Li Chengyun can almost use some means of visualizing the level. However, after all, not enough, this person visualizes the white tiger, but ultimately can not turn the tiger. Boom! Chu Feng shook his fist. He knew that his spiritual martial arts were superficial and not profound, so he did not focus on it, but used his physical boxing. Carefully first, Niu Demon Fist and Jiao Demon Fist should be profound secret skills. He decisively displayed them and used physical martial arts to fight against spiritual martial arts. The scalper once said that these two kinds of boxing will change with the improvement of his realm and enter the field of Xiaoyao, and the power will increase rapidly. Therefore, Chu Feng now does not fuse the two kinds of fists, but only uses one of them. Only actual combat, can test, he is to temper the fist at this juncture,aluminum tile trim, to see how the power of the bull magic fist. Boom! Chu Feng resisted the bright halberd with his body, and his fist blasted at it, causing a terrible shock wave and a big explosion in the blue sea. jecatrims.com

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