There are over 100 Newcastles (or New Castles) around the world. Newcastle, South Africa. Nyborg, Denmark. New Castle, Indiana. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK – just to name a few.

Every two years there is a conference where they come together. This year’s conference was the 20th anniversary and was held in Shinshiro, Japan from 3 to 9 October 2018.

Local marketing and brand agency, Out of the Square sponsored Irini Kassas, an ambassador of Newcastle, Australia, to attend and represent the local community on an international scale at the conference.

Only 21 years old, Irini already presents a comprehensive resume, including Newcastle’s Young Citizen of the Year in 2018 and the 2017 Humanitarian and United Nations Global Youth Award.

OOTS Managing Director, Marty Adnum said she is passionate about the city’s future, so the business had no hesitations in sponsoring her and covering the airfares for her to attend the conference.

The conference discussed business development, tourism, cultural collaborations, youth councils, charitable support and sporting links.

“As passionate Novocastrians, and myself coming from a migrant background, I felt because of the mix of the conference’s multicultural diversity and regional benefits along with Irini’s own intellect and youthful insights, that it would have been a travesty for us not to get behind this,” Marty said.

Before leaving for the conference, Irini said she was honoured to be provided with the opportunity to represent Newcastle, Australia, on the world stage.

“I am proud of my community and wish to be educated on issues relating to our community and how they can benefit us all through such experiences,” Irini said.

“In addition, I will do my best to promote the incredible assets that our region has to offer and encourage others to visit and enjoy.”

The opportunity exists to bring the conference to Newcastle NSW in 2024 and Irini has put her case forward, highlighting the benefits of this region, easy access from Newcastle Airport, and the cultural, business and tourism attributes to be shared.
Source: https://www.hunterheadline.com.au/hh/business-news/oots-sponsors-young-ambassador-attend-newcastles-world/


Young classical musicians will be performing at events across the Hunter thanks to a new support program.

The money comes from Newcastle City Council’s Support for Arts and Cultural Organisations program.

The Newcastle Youth Orchestra (NYO), Catapult Dance and The Lock-Up were announced as the first recipients for the funding.

“The project based funding is designed to support the growth and vitality of Newcastle’s arts and cultural,” Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said.

NYO’s project includes over a dozen public performances over the course of its two-year grant period, professional development opportunities for its musicians, expanding its performances beyond Newcastle to Singleton and the Central Coast, and the purchase of new music.

Orchestra Manager Sally Ebert said the organisation was grateful for the opportunity.

“NYO is a relatively new organisation, we’re entering our sixth year, and this support will help us take our performances to the next level and cement our reputation in the region,” Ms Ebert said.

While the first round projects are getting underway, other Newcastle based arts and cultural organisations are invited to apply for the second round of funding, with expressions of interest now open.

The next round of funding will be allocated to two eligible organisations for projects to commence in the 2018-19 financial year. A total of $100,000 is available, subject to final adoption of council’s annual budget for 2018-19. An organisation may apply for up to $70,000 per year for up to three years.

Source: http://www.theherald.com.au/story/5231313/new-funding-for-arts-and-theatre-across-the-newcastle-area/


The story of Newcastle’s urban renewal project has been squeezed into road cases and is set to roll out to Australian cities and towns.

The mobile exhibition, ‘Renew In A Box’, is on display at Newcastle Library until the end of January, and will be offered in conjunction with Renew Newcastle’s not-for-profit consultancy service.

Renew Newcastle is a social enterprise project that finds spaces for artists and creatives over the short- and medium-term, within buildings or outdoors, in Newcastle’s CBD that are currently vacant, not used, or awaiting redevelopment.

Buildings were “borrowed” for the project, Renew Newcastle’s general manager Christopher Saunders said.

“And that’s what you’ll see in these boxes.”

An independent economic study by the Centre of Full Employment and Equity at the University of Newcastle found in 2017 that for every $1 invested in Renew Newcastle it returned $14.40 and added $3 million to the economy.

Renew Newcastle is supported by the NSW Government through Urban Growth NSW, Hunter Development Corporation and NSW Premier’s Department, and backed by Newcastle City Council, Newcastle Now and The GPT Group.

Renew Newcastle has consulted on 39 projects in cities and towns around Australia.

The Renew Newcastle model has been the subject of a television series Not Quite Art on ABC TV, and the book Creating Cities by its founder Marcus Westbury.

More than 200 projects have launched in Newcastle using the Renew model in nine years.

Artists and creatives are only ever temporary tenants, free to stay as long as the buildings were not being used. They must be ready to vacate within 30 days if required.

In Newcastle more than 30 Renew participants have gone on to sign commercial leases on the buildings they started in.

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-12-06/urban-renewal-blueprint-in-a-box/9231918



There are mixed messages in the November unemployment figures.

Seasonally adjusted, the Bureau of Statistics show a total of 40,800 part-time jobs and 1,800 full-time jobs were added to the economy but the national unemployment rate has gone to a 12-year high at 6.3 per cent.

The Hunter, excluding Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, is 8 per cent. It is slightly higher in the urban areas of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie at 8.1 per cent.

These are the third-worst figures for the State, where the average is 5.9 per cent.

JobsInTheHunter.com.au’s David Smeeth said the figures showed that many of the full-time positions had gone to those already in work.

“This shows there is still the chance for the people with the right skills and experience to get ahead,” he said.

“This is positive news, but worrying aspects are the number of part-time jobs, pointing to a growing level of underemployment, and youth unemployment continues to creep higher.

“Underemployment is often a ‘make-do’ job and not the career and development of specialised skills that is typically available in full-time work.

“Employability is always a combination of skills and experience, and part-time work provides limited levels of both.”

Mr Smeeth said youth unemployment was a structural problem that needed policies and attention at the three levels of government in co-operation with suitable industries.

“There is often comment that people should be prepared to move to get work, but the success of JobsInTheHunter.com.au and its focus on jobs on the region shows that people want to work where they are committed for lifestyle, family and social reasons,” he said.

The JobsInThe Hunter.com.au website was created to enable people to find work and advancement in their local area, where they have the local knowledge and infrastructure to support them through the transition, he said.

JobsInTheHunter.com.au aims to be a one-stop employment and skills marketplace for the Hunter Region and Newcastle, whether it’s looking for a new or better job or in the market to hire new talent and experience through its sister-site, SkillInTheHunter.com.au.

The website can be viewed at www.jobsinthehunter.com.au and businesses that want to find out more can contact David on 0419 168 177 or by email on david_smeeth@jobsinthehunter.com.au


The region’s leading provider of vocational education and training has become a partner with JobsInTheHunter.com.au.
Hunter TAFE more than 60,000 enrolments every year, delivering over 450 programs, across 15 campuses throughout the Hunter region, and has helped countless people begin or advance their careers over the past 120 years.
JobsInTheHunter.com.au has about 300 or more job vacancies posted at any one time and in the past financial year has had more than 4300 listed.
It also has almost 8000 social media followers, almost 3400 email subscribers and has had 270,000 page views in financial year 2014
A presence on what is fast becoming the premier jobs website in the region, JobsInTheHunter.com.au and TAFE, was a natural affiliation, said the website’s Partnerships Director David Smeeth.
“Any part of career selection is a combination of researching what sectors with promise are hiring and what skills will be needed to secure a position or advancement,” Mr Smeeth said.
“Now, one website is the portal to those answers at a regional level.”
Hunter TAFE CEO/Institute Director, Phil Cox said the partnership will ensure people looking for employment have access to vocational education and training support through Hunter TAFE.
“Hunter TAFE provides the highest quality and broad choice of programs and courses to meet the best interests of students and their future employment prospects.
“We continue to meet the skill needs of the Hunter and Central Coast region,”
“JobsInTheHunter.com.au engages daily with employers from across the region, so it is developing into an on-line community of shared business values.”
It also provides specific services to business wanting to recruit, whether it was hiring or the primary selection management of applicants.
“Yes, we are trying to be all things to all people when it comes to jobs – finding them, filling them, displaying them and getting a better one.”

Safety Response

Safety training and management is like insurance – when you need it, there is no substitute for it.
Safe Response is a safety training and management company with agents and trainers on the Central Coast, in the Hunter and throughout Australia providing risk audits, emergency management procedure documents, pre- and post incident planning, certificates and approvals and business recovery services.
It is the latest company to enter a strategic partnership with JobsOnTheCoast.com.au and JobsInTheHunter.com.au because of shared business values.
Just as the jobs websites are building to become a one-stop site for all things to do with jobs and hiring, Safe Response aims to be a complete package to help with workplace safety and incident management.
Safe Response Pty Ltd Director Jesse McNeilly said there were almost 128,000 work-related accidents in 2010-2011, resulting in 220 deaths and a cost of more than $60 billion or almost 5 per cent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product.
It is impossible for even moderately large companies to have the expertise and experience to train for and manage every potential crisis, and that is where a specialist company is indispensible.
“Our strict benchmark means we have decades of fire, paramedic, policing and military experience, which makes us highly sought-after,” Mr McNeilly said.
JobsOnTheCoast.com.au’s Partnerships Director David Smeeth says there are many intersections where businesses cross paths in modern commerce, and there are many more intersections at which any business can reasonably position itself.
“That’s why careful selection must be made of businesses with which you are linked.
“We are delighted Safe Response has become a partner because workplace safety and employee welfare are important for attracting the best candidates for any job vacancy and for retaining the necessary skills and experience in any business’s workforce,” Mr Smeeth said.
JobsOnTheCoast provides specific services to business wanting to recruit, whether it is through a variety of ‘self-service’ products or requiring a more involved and consultative approach.

140520 JOTSC Mayor Mark Jamieson, Tim O¹Brien and Anthony Dow

The success of locality-based jobs website JobsInTheHunter.com.au has prompted expansion interstate to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The founder of the now three websites, Mr Tim O’Brien, launched the Queensland operation at a ceremony on the TAFE campus at Mooloolaba attended by 100 people from government, industry, training and recruitment sectors.

The Queensland operation is headed by Regional Manager Anthony Dow, who was CEO of Regional Development Australia on the NSW Central Coast before a move to Queensland two years ago.

“After being at the launch on the Central Coast while CEO of Regional Development Australia, it is such a pleasure to be leading the rollout of this third site,” said Mr Dow.

Mr O’Brien started the first website on the NSW Central Coast more than three years ago and replicated the operation in the Hunter about 21 months ago.

“The success is built on a simple premise,” Mr O’Brien said, “People choose where they want to live for all sorts of lifestyle reasons – and they want to work as close to home as possible.”

Illustrating the success of the two sites has been the growth in the number of on-line jobs, with the Central Coast site topping out at more than 300 and to Hunter listing about 450 vacancies in its peak season.

The site is supported by business partners who provide services for jobseekers and employers as well as training and skill development.

The aim is to make it the definitive site for advice and guidance for all matters related to finding work or recruiting.

Mr O’Brien said as well as expansion to the third region there was a continuous process of refinement to improve the websites for those looking for work or advancement and those seeking to hire.

 “Feedback from the growing army of users is monitored so we can make adjustments and improvements,” he said.

TAFE Central Coast Campuses have teamed up with JobsOnTheCoast.com.au, a new job search website and marketing campaign which is dedicated to connecting Central Coast residents with local job opportunities.

With over 40 per cent youth unemployment on the Central Coast, the TAFE campuses at Gosford, Ourimbah and Wyong are eager to connect their students with local businesses through this innovative new website, which offers NSW Central Coast employers and recruiters the opportunity to post job ads for free.

TAFE Institute Director, Phil Cox, said “TAFE has a proven track record in connecting individuals with industry and a partnership with JobsOnTheCoast.com.au will further assist in connecting students with employment opportunities in the Central Coast region”.

“We are proud to support the Central Coast industry and community through the delivery of programs for multiple career choices. Our highly qualified and specialised staff ensure students have the skills required for the local industry and contribute immediately to the productivity of that business,” Mr Cox said.

JobsOnTheCoast.com.au was established to dispel the myth that there are no good job opportunities in the region and the website already has hundreds of Central Coast job listings for a wide range of industries.

Founder of the website, Tim O’Brien, is excited to see support from TAFE Central Coast Campuses and is hoping that this new association will be highly beneficial for students looking for employment in the region.

“The Central Coast has a skilled and ready workforce but many people entering the job market are unaware of the local employment opportunities available to them,” said Tim.

“JobsOnTheCoast.com.au aims to connect these job seekers with local businesses who are looking for eager and capable workers.  We are delighted that TAFE Central Coast Campuses have decided to become a main sponsor of the Jobs On The Coast initiative,” he added.

With other local supporters including Job Centre Australia, 104.5 Star FM, Regional Development Australia Central Coast, NSW Business Chamber Central Coast, The Salvation Army and Coast Shelter, many organisations have already demonstrated their support for this unique new initiative.

For jobs and careers on the NSW Central Coast visit the Jobs On The Coast website at www.jobsonthecoast.com.au

Jobs On The Coast will connect local businesses with skilled employees

The Jobs On The Coast website has been developed to extinguish the perception that there are no good job opportunities available for skilled workers on the Central Coast and respond to the growing employment demands in the region.  Jobs On The Coast aims to:

• Create a highly accessible employment hub, dedicated to jobs and careers on the NSW Central Coast
• Become the first choice for local employers and job seekers
• Develop an opportunity for progressive local businesses to be part of the solution to a significant regional issue.  It is a high profile PR, advertising & marketing initiative

Distinct and unique features of the website include:

• Free job advertisements, removing any financial risk for potential employers
• Simple to use and navigate, with a focus on accessibility, efficiency and ease
• Site security, with integrity, privacy and confidentiality assured

Significant progress so far

The site is already live and initial planning, development and implementation has been successful, with over 200 job advertisements already posted as of July 1. It is anticipated that the website will gain a minimum of 300 new job ads per month from July to December 2011. The official launch of Jobs on the Coast is on track for the end of August 2011.

Sponsoring Jobs On The Coast

Jobs On The Coast is currently recruiting sponsors (three main sponsors and category sponsors) to partner with the website.

Sponsorship is exclusive, with only one representative per industry/specialism able to become a sponsor. This gives your business a major competitive advantage over its competitors, allowing you to:

• market your products and services directly to relevant site visitors for a full year
• build your reputation as a leading enterprise within your field on the Central Coast
• advertise your products/services directly via live radio promotion twice per year
• become recognised as a supporter of local employment growth
• attract relevant skilled talent for your own job vacancies
• enhance your profile as an employer of choice

Category sponsors will receive the following features:

• Your logo to be featured on the Jobs On The Coast home page, with a link to your website
• 250×250 sidebar advertisement on the results page of all searches in your category, with a link to your website
• Two live radio promotions, solely regarding your products/services per annum
• Significant discounts, free featured job ads and radio mentions
• Direct marketing sent to all advertisers and applicants in your category
• Editorial about your products and services featured in the Jobs On The Coast blog and your logo featured in the monthly newsletter, distributed to the entire database
• Networking opportunities at events with other sponsors, key opinion leaders and supporters

If you are interested in benefiting from a category sponsorship with Jobs On The Coast, contact Tim O’Brien, Founder on 02 4365 7565 or email tob@jobsonthecoast.com.au