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Of this, 34 per cent were attributed to human error and 62 per cent to malicious or criminal attacks. Of the malicious attacks, more than 50 per cent occurred by way of phishing, hacking and ransomware.

This seems to be a pattern in Australia with similar statistics appearing in every OAIC NDB report since January 2018 when the report began.

The prevalence of these attacks reveals that many staff are not aware, nor educated on the types of attacks they may encounter day to day.

Due to their small size and local operations, many SMBs view cybersecurity as a big end of town issue and not something that affects them directly. As a result, many small businesses are left unprotected, with cybersecurity not being prioritised.

Head of Network and Security at CSA, Leon Slattery, said that no business can simply escape the threat of cyber-security and believes events like this and education can help to equip businesses against this threat.

“No industry is immune from digital disruption. This brings opportunity and risk for all organisations, as the shift to digital increases cyber security risk,” Leon said.

“For a long time now, industry has realised that it’s not a question of if, but when you will be faced with a data security breach. This has led to cyber risk now being directly linked to business outcomes. CEOs and Boards are now tracking and governing the risk, to ensure the protection of their brands and customer trust.”

Global Security Solutions Engineer at Sophos, Ben Verschaeren, continued with this Leon’s sentiments expressing how important it is that small businesses are educated about common risks and how to effectively avoid them.

“Small businesses are not immune to cyberattacks, however many cybercriminals target SMBs as they know that these businesses think they have immunity because of their size,” Ben said.

“This is why it’s so important for business owners and managers to allocate resources effectively, ensuring that cybersecurity is prioritised and the business has the protection it needs to thwart any attacks.”

The True Blue Defence tour has been organised to fill in the gaps of knowledge and ensure small-to-medium enterprises become more aware and informed about cyber-security and how to put together a risk management system that takes cyber-security into consideration.

Leon said that many businesses find the idea of combatting cyber-security scary, but with the right support you will safeguard your business from what would be even scarier outcomes.

“This means that building cyber resilience is no longer an option, but a necessity. Actively securing systems end-to-end against current threats is hard. It is even harder if you don’t have expert resources, knowledge and skills within your internal team.”

“CSA has partnered with Sophos for over 10 years to provide end-point protection. We provide a range of strategic and tactical cyber consulting and ongoing managed security services, to help protect clients of all sizes and industries.”

The event will commence at 3:30 PM on Tuesday 25 February, with a range of speakers, Q&A’s, networking and more included with each registration.

IMAGE | Head of Network and Security at CSA, Leon Slattery.

SOURCE: https://www.hunterheadline.com.au/hh/business-news/cyber-security-tour-comes-newcastle-educate-small-medium-businesses/

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The Hunter Business Chamber has welcomed the NSW energy deal announced last week by the state and federal governments, saying it will provide much-needed security for business and industry as the country transitions to a lower-carbon economy.

The $2 billion deal will deliver a range of initiatives designed to increase gas and electricity supply by encouraging investment, improving grid security and supporting emissions reductions.

Hunter Business Chamber CEO, Bob Hawes, said that this package will help avoid further supply shortfalls and provide a win/win for businesses and the community.

“This package of measures promises to bring down costs while boosting confidence that we can avoid looming supply shortfalls,” Bob said.

“In recent years, gas prices in NSW have tripled. With NSW production decreasing, gas has had to be shipped longer distances into the state.

“As our detailed report Running on Empty released last December found, this imposes cost increases on smaller businesses of $26,400 per year for a typical commercial bakery, $66,000 per year for a galvanising plant or $369,600 per year for a tomato processor based in NSW, compared with an equivalent business located in Queensland.”

Bob said that as well as prioritising new gas production at Narrabri, the joint plan must also ensure that new LNG import facilities can progress, including the Newcastle GasDock proposal at Kooragang.

Also, new investment in pipeline infrastructure should be brought forward so that gas can get to where it is needed.

“Gas generation can help the state reduce its power sector emissions while ensuring that our industry sectors remain competitive,” he said.

“The transition process must be practical, supporting industry as they seek to develop and convert to new technologies.

“Businesses have consistently identified energy costs as one of their leading priorities for cost savings. If this announcement delivers the savings promised it will come as welcome relief and a significant boost to the productivity of the state’s economy.”

SOURCE: https://www.hunterheadline.com.au/hh/business-news/energy-deal-boost-hunter-business-industry/


The irony of job search advice: There’s so much available that you don’t have to spend more than four seconds Googling before you land on some nugget of wisdom or another.

Yet, at the same time, there’s so much available (some of which completely contradicts other advice you’ll find) that it can easily overwhelm you. Which, in fact, is probably the exact opposite outcome you’re looking for when you go sleuthing for genuinely useful counsel in the first place.

So let’s do this: Let’s boil things down to a short list of sound, timeless job searching tips that’ll help you fine-tune your strategy so that you may sail through the process (or at least cut out some of the unnecessary time and frustration).

1. Make Yourself a “Smack-in-the-Forehead” Obvious Fit
When you apply for a job via an online application process, it’s very likely that your resume will first be screened by an applicant tracking system and then (assuming you make this first cut) move onto human eyeballs. The first human eyeballs that review your resume are often those of a lower level HR person or recruiter, who may or may not understand all of the nuances of that job for which you’re applying.

Thus, it behooves you to make it very simple for both the computer and the human to quickly connect their “Here’s what we’re looking for” to your “Here’s what you can walk through our doors and deliver.”

Study the job description and any available information you have on the position. Are you mirroring the words and phrases in the job description? Are you showcasing your strengths in the areas that seem to be of paramount importance to this role? Line it up. Line it up.

2. Don’t Limit Yourself to Online Applications During Your Job Search
You want that job search to last and last? Well, then continue to rely solely on submitting online applications. You want to accelerate this bad boy? Don’t stop once you apply online for that position. Start finding and then endearing yourself to people working at that company of interest. Schedule informational interviews with would-be peers. Approach an internal recruiter and ask a few questions. Get on the radar of the very people who might influence you getting an interview. (More on that here.)

By lining up with people on the inside of the companies at which you want to work, you will instantly set yourself apart. Decision makers interview people who come recommended or by way of a personal referral before they start sorting through the blob of resumes that arrives by way of the ATS.

3. Remember That Your Resume (and LinkedIn Profile) Is Not a Tattoo
Yes, your new resume is lovely. Your LinkedIn profile, breathtaking. However, if they don’t position you as a direct match for a particular role that you’re gunning for, don’t be afraid to modify wording, switch around key terms, and swap bullet points in and out. Your resume is not a tattoo, nor is your LinkedIn profile. Treat them as living, breathing documents throughout your job search (and career).

If you’re a covert job seeker, remember to turn off your activity broadcasts (within privacy and settings) when you make edits to your LinkedIn profile. If your current boss or colleagues are connected to you on LinkedIn, they may get suspicious about all the frequent changes.

4. Accept That You Will Never Bore Anyone Into Hiring You
Don’t get me wrong—you absolutely must come across as polished, articulate, and professional throughout your job search. However, many people translate this into: Must. Be. Boring.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Realize that few people get hired because they had perfect white space on their cover letters, memorized all of the “correct” interview questions or used incredibly safe, common phraseology (i.e., clichés) throughout their resumes. All of this correctness is going to make you look staged and non-genuine. Instead, give yourself permission to be both polished and endearing. Memorable, likable candidates are almost always the ones who go the distance.

5. If You’re Not on LinkedIn, You Very Nearly Don’t Exist
Considering that more than 90% of recruiters use LinkedIn as their primary search tool, this is not an understatement. If you’re a professional, you need to not only be on LinkedIn, you need to be using it to your full advantage. Don’t believe me? Think about it this way: If tomorrow morning, a recruiter logs onto LinkedIn looking for someone in your geography, with expertise in what you do, and you’re not there? Guess who they’re going to find and contact? Yes, that person’s name is “not you.”

If you figure out how to harness the power of no other social media tool for job search, figure out LinkedIn. It’s (by far) the best resource we have available today for career and job search networking, for finding people working at companies of interest, and for positioning yourself to be found by a recruiter who has a relevant job opening.

6. Thank You Matters
I once placed a candidate into an engineering role with a company that manufactures packaging equipment. He was competing head-to-head with another engineer, who had similar talents and wanted the job just as badly. My candidate sent a thoughtful, non-robotic thank you note to each person with whom he’d interviewed, within about two hours of leaving their offices. The other candidate sent nothing.

Guess why my candidate got the job offer? Yep, the thoughtful, non-robotic thank you notes. They sealed the deal for him, especially considering the other front-runner sent nothing.

Consider crafting, original, genuine thank you notes (one for each interviewer) the moment you get back to a computer, following the interview. The speed with which you send the notes, and the quality, will make an impact.

And finally, remember that the interviewer cares much more about what you can do for them than what you want out of the deal. Certainly, they’re going to care a bunch about what you want once you establish your worth. But during the interview, you must demonstrate why you make business sense to hire, period.

Now, go forth and show your job search exactly who is the boss.

Source: https://www.themuse.com/advice/6-job-search-tips-that-are-so-basic-people-forget-them

Concrete works

Reinforcing the Mitchell Street seawall at Stockton Beach, improving stormwater infrastructure and completing a five-megawatt solar farm are among projects to benefit from a multimillion-dollar boost to City of Newcastle’s current works program.

The latest quarterly financial update, which was presented to the elected Council last night for approval, reveals an additional $3.9 million for public works in the 2019-20 budget, with spending spread across a range of infrastructure and asset renewal programs.

Reflecting the City’s sound financial position, an $8 million operating surplus is forecast to be delivered at the end of the financial year.
“We remain on track to deliver our seventh consecutive budget surplus while continuing to invest in the infrastructure renewal and revitalisation projects required that come with the sustained population growth our City is now experiencing,” City of Newcastle Lord Mayor Nuatali Nelmes said.

“The past four years have seen a sustained increase in our investment in capital works, including last year’s record program of $91.9 million, which included $65.6 million on new infrastructure.

“This surpassed our previous benchmark for capital investment, and was achieved while remaining focused on being financially sustainable now and into the future,” she said.

With design of the City’s organic waste processing facility underway ahead of construction later this year, the capital works budget will grow to $84.8 million, up from $80.9 million adopted by Council in June.

Included as part of the revised spend is $1.2m for maintenance of Stockton’s Mitchell Street seawall, $2m to complete City Hall’s external restoration and $1m to finish construction of the region’s largest solar farm, which will begin operation at Summerhill Waste Management Centre before the end of the year.

Almost $1.5 million in additional expenditure is forecast for improvements to the City’s stormwater infrastructure, while local roads will also benefit with an additional $665,000 for works including road rehabilitation and footpaths.

Pedestrian infrastructure projects will be boosted by $767,000, while spending on parks and sporting facilities will increase by $741,000 to a budget of $2.2 million.

The September quarterly review forecasts a budget surplus of 2.5% of income. Helping deliver the increase in the works program is a $1.42m reduction in forecast employee costs. Recent reductions in interest rates will cost the City an expected $156,000.

Buildings, Structures and Places $21,396,417    Stormwater $6,923,044
Environment $25,857,668    Strategic $3,724,018
Fleet $5,557,975    Transport $4,756,671
Information Technology $6,233,661    Roads $10,395,078
   2019/20 works program $84,844,534


Source: newcastle.nsw.gov.au


Quick Tips That Will Help You Get Hired Fast

Applying for Every Job You Find Isn’t Always a Good Idea: Focus your search on jobs that you’re qualified for. You’ll have a better chance of getting selected for an interview. Sending out random resumes and cover letters is just going to be a waste of time. Before you start job hunting, take the time to decide what type of job you’re seeking.

Even better, come up with a target list of companies you’d like to work for and do your best to get noticed by them. Here’s how to get noticed by your dream company.

Don’t Stop Applying for Jobs While You Are Waiting to Hear Back From an Employer: Most job seekers are rejected by over 15 employers before landing a job. Learn from your mistakes and keep applying until you get the right offer. Worst case scenario, you’ll be juggling multiple job offers. That’s a good thing.

You Need a Specific Cover Letter, or Your Resume May Not Get Noticed: You only have a few seconds to impress a hiring manager enough to select you for an interview. Hiring managers want to see what you can do for the company written in the first paragraph of your cover letter. Here’s how to match your qualifications to a job, and tips for how to write a cover letter.

You Should Also Target Your Resume to the Job: It’s not just your cover letter. Your resume should be edited and tweaked, so it’s as close a match to the job as possible. Otherwise, it may not get picked up by the applicant tracking systems companies use to screen resumes or the recruiter who reviews it.

You Don’t Need to Include All Your Experience on Your Resume: Some job seekers put decades of work experience on their resumes. Unfortunately, that’s not going to impress anyone. It dates you, it’s too much information, and it may be too much experience for most job openings.

You Can Include More Than Full-Time Employment on Your Resume: If you’ve been out of work, you don’t want your resume to look like you haven’t done anything since you were laid-off. There are other things besides your employment history you can use to bolster your resume.

Dress Like a Manager or a Successful Person in Your Profession: Maybe appearances shouldn’t matter so much, but they do. The first few minutes of an interview are when you get to make that critical first impression. Be sure that you’re dressed appropriately for the type of job and company you’re applying to. Here’s appropriate interview attire for a variety of different jobs and work environments.

Be Yourself at the Interview: Rehearsed answers, fake smiles, and saying what you think the interview wants to hear instead of what you actually believe, mislead the employer. Employers want to know who they’re hiring and that’s the person they expect to show up for the first day of work.

Storytelling During a Job Interview Is an Excellent Way to Share Your Experience and Skills: One way to show the employer what you’re actually like is to tell a story. When you’re asked questions during a job interview, relay the specific skills and experience you have, as well as how you handled the situations you’re asked about. The more concrete information you provide, the more the hiring manager will know how qualified you are.

Never Say Anything Bad About a Previous Employer: One of the most common interview mistakes is badmouthing your boss or co-workers. The first thing the interviewer is going to think about is what you will say about their company when you’re moving on.

You Should Send a Thank-You Note After a Job Interview: It’s important to follow-up after a job interview. It’s a way to show your appreciation for being considered for the job. It’s also a way to reiterate your interest and share anything you neglected during the interview.

Networking Is an Essential Component of Successful Job Hunting: Most jobs are found through networking, whether it’s online or in-person. You never know who can help you find your next job unless you tell your connections that you’re looking for a job.

References Can Make a Big Difference in Getting Hired: References are important, and employers check them. Get recommendations from bosses, co-workers, clients, subordinates, and suppliers. Store them on sites like LinkedIn and share them whenever possible. If you’re worried about getting a lousy reference from your supervisor, work on getting some personal references you can add to your credentials.

It’s Acceptable to Apply for the Same Job More Than Once: You applied for your dream job, and you didn’t hear anything back from the company. Then later you see the job posted again. A “do over” is fine but be sure that you’ve carefully matched your qualifications to the job requirements in your resumes and cover letters. Also, check LinkedIn to see who you know. You might be able to get a referral the second time around. Here’s how to find contacts at a company.

Bonus Tips

Polish Your Shoes Prior to Your Interview: This one’s an extra, but, yes, hiring managers do look at your shoes. If you don’t have shoe polish, a leather or multipurpose cleaning wipe will work. It’s important to look your best from head to toe!

Pay Attention to the Details: Job hunting can feel like you’re playing a multitasking game to try to keep up. There’s so much you need to pay attention to when you want to impress a prospective employer.

Source: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/tips-to-help-you-get-hired-fast-2059661

Weekly Jobs Update

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Here’s our suggestion for beating the heat this weekend.  Crank the fan up to high, gorge on icy poles and search for the the coolest jobs in the Hunter Region right here!


Weekly Jobs Update

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It’s hot outside – and we’ve got the latest hot jobs in the Hunter Region right here.  Click here to bask in your weekly update…

Weekly Jobs Update

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Welcome to our first jobs update for 2017!  We wish you lots of success in your career this year.  Whether you’re actively looking, just keeping an eye out for something special or keeping your friends and family up to date, we have all the latest jobs right here!

Weekly Jobs Update

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We’ve got all the latest jobs latest jobs in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley region right here on Jobs In The Hunter.  Click here to view and apply!

Weekly Jobs Update!

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Here it is – your weekly jobs update for the Hunter Region!  Keep up to date with all the latest vacancies right here and good luck with those applications!

workers 4

Chefs, Administrators, Security Guards, Sales Professionals, Hairdressers, GP’s…  Just a few of the roles on offer on Jobs In The Hunter this week!  Click here to see these and 565 local job listings available now!


If you’re searching for your ideal job, consider this quote:

“Somewhere someone is looking for exactly what you have to offer.”  (Louise Hay)

So, spruce up your Resume, showcase your skills and connect to some great local opportunities in our weekly jobs update, right here!

BT2015-landscape-1-1 (1)

At Jobs In The Hunter we think the perfect way to end the week is to plan for the weekend!  If you’re looking for inspiration, we suggest clicking here to read our Weekly Local Jobs Update and then getting along to the Bitter & Twisted Festival, for live music, great food and the odd beverage.  Here’s to a great weekend!

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With Halloween coming on Monday, and Melbourne Cup on Tuesday, it’s going to a busy few days of fun and dressing-to-kill … be it ghoulish or glamorous!  The Jobs In The Hunter team wish you good luck with best dressed, lolly collecting and picking winners!  And here is your Weekly Jobs update to ensure you’re a front runner in the career stakes!

Two Diplomas – Double Opportunity!

Mia’s workshops are on sale for $2,000 (valued at $3,000)

Are you thinking to upgrade to the Diploma of Vocational Education & Training? Did you know by completing 1 extra unit you can obtain an additional Diploma of Training Design & Development?
The Diploma of Vocational Education & Training (TAE50111) is the qualification for anyone looking to move into a senior training role, compliance, training design and development, and any other aligned management roles within the Vocational Education and Training sector. Study just 1 extra unit to earn the Diploma of Training Design & Development (TAE50211) to expand and optimise your career opportunities.

This course will be run by Mia Lahey; our very own Compliance and Development Manager. Mia is responsible for developing our new training products and managing all compliance aspects of the business.

She is highly skilled and has extensive experience in the VET sector across government, private, enterprise and not for profit RTO’s. Mia holds a Degree in Vocational Education & Training among several other qualifications including Training Design & Development, Quality Auditing and Project Management.

The course dates and locations are as follows:

- Helensvale QLD: May 25th

- Melbourne VIC: June 1st

- North Sydney NSW: August 10th

- Perth WA: November 30th

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So if you’re thinking of upgrading soon, now is your chance! Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity.

Nationally Recognised Qualifications | Multiple Locations Australia Wide

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Take charge of your career, not chances!

Certificate IV in Project Management Practice (BSB41513)
Self-Paced Delivery - $500 (was $1000)
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Turn your Passion into Your Profession!

Enrol in any Early Childhood Education and Care qualification this Summer for 30% off.

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Life is made of the choices you make…
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Santa Course

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Extended Delivery

Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (TAE40110)Launch Special $2300
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Offer valid from 1 Dec 2014 -  23 Jan 2015

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Nationally Recognised Courses | Multiple Locations Australia Wide

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Life is made of the choices you make…
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There are mixed messages in the November unemployment figures.

Seasonally adjusted, the Bureau of Statistics show a total of 40,800 part-time jobs and 1,800 full-time jobs were added to the economy but the national unemployment rate has gone to a 12-year high at 6.3 per cent.

The Hunter, excluding Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, is 8 per cent. It is slightly higher in the urban areas of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie at 8.1 per cent.

These are the third-worst figures for the State, where the average is 5.9 per cent.

JobsInTheHunter.com.au’s David Smeeth said the figures showed that many of the full-time positions had gone to those already in work.

“This shows there is still the chance for the people with the right skills and experience to get ahead,” he said.

“This is positive news, but worrying aspects are the number of part-time jobs, pointing to a growing level of underemployment, and youth unemployment continues to creep higher.

“Underemployment is often a ‘make-do’ job and not the career and development of specialised skills that is typically available in full-time work.

“Employability is always a combination of skills and experience, and part-time work provides limited levels of both.”

Mr Smeeth said youth unemployment was a structural problem that needed policies and attention at the three levels of government in co-operation with suitable industries.

“There is often comment that people should be prepared to move to get work, but the success of JobsInTheHunter.com.au and its focus on jobs on the region shows that people want to work where they are committed for lifestyle, family and social reasons,” he said.

The JobsInThe Hunter.com.au website was created to enable people to find work and advancement in their local area, where they have the local knowledge and infrastructure to support them through the transition, he said.

JobsInTheHunter.com.au aims to be a one-stop employment and skills marketplace for the Hunter Region and Newcastle, whether it’s looking for a new or better job or in the market to hire new talent and experience through its sister-site, SkillInTheHunter.com.au.

The website can be viewed at www.jobsinthehunter.com.au and businesses that want to find out more can contact David on 0419 168 177 or by email on david_smeeth@jobsinthehunter.com.au

25% off December Self-Paced Courses 
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$500 off January Face-to-Face Courses
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Nationally Recognised Courses | Multiple Locations Australia Wide

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Life is made of the choices you make…
make the better choice this year.


The release yesterday of the October employment figures comes amid a few months of doubts about their accuracy and value.
Nationally, unemployment rate has held steady at 6.2 per cent, with more than 24,000 jobs created last month.
September figures were revised after the Bureau of Statistics re-evaluated seasonal adjustment because of recent survey changes.
JobsInTheHunter.com.au Founder Tim O’Brien says it’s time to develop more reliable and useful monthly jobs figures.
“When the Australian economy was booming, there wasn’t the same need for these figures as there is now because there was virtually full employment,” Mr O’Brien said.
“But, even then, there was talk of Australia’s multiple economies and how resource states had a different – better – economic profile than others.
“This situation exists as a regional level and we need strong, reliable data so regional economies can adjust and plan.”
Mr O’Brien said regions were encouraged to develop strategic plans for their economic and social progress, usually through state and local governments or agencies, and to optimise these strategies solid research data was needed.
After capital investment in a region, the level and nature of available jobs was the usual indicator of progress and success, he said.
“At JobsInTheHunter we are looking for ways to collaborate with other relevant bodies and agencies to ensue that up-to-date and reliable data is available on the local regional employment landscape.”
Mr O’Brien said the value of a regional approach in service to the jobs market had been demonstrated by the success of the JobsInTheHunter approach to regional employment development over the past three years, with hundreds of local jobs being advertised.
It now had websites in two NSW regions and one in Queensland.


The region’s leading provider of vocational education and training has become a partner with JobsInTheHunter.com.au.
Hunter TAFE more than 60,000 enrolments every year, delivering over 450 programs, across 15 campuses throughout the Hunter region, and has helped countless people begin or advance their careers over the past 120 years.
JobsInTheHunter.com.au has about 300 or more job vacancies posted at any one time and in the past financial year has had more than 4300 listed.
It also has almost 8000 social media followers, almost 3400 email subscribers and has had 270,000 page views in financial year 2014
A presence on what is fast becoming the premier jobs website in the region, JobsInTheHunter.com.au and TAFE, was a natural affiliation, said the website’s Partnerships Director David Smeeth.
“Any part of career selection is a combination of researching what sectors with promise are hiring and what skills will be needed to secure a position or advancement,” Mr Smeeth said.
“Now, one website is the portal to those answers at a regional level.”
Hunter TAFE CEO/Institute Director, Phil Cox said the partnership will ensure people looking for employment have access to vocational education and training support through Hunter TAFE.
“Hunter TAFE provides the highest quality and broad choice of programs and courses to meet the best interests of students and their future employment prospects.
“We continue to meet the skill needs of the Hunter and Central Coast region,”
“JobsInTheHunter.com.au engages daily with employers from across the region, so it is developing into an on-line community of shared business values.”
It also provides specific services to business wanting to recruit, whether it was hiring or the primary selection management of applicants.
“Yes, we are trying to be all things to all people when it comes to jobs – finding them, filling them, displaying them and getting a better one.”

Safety Response

Safety training and management is like insurance – when you need it, there is no substitute for it.
Safe Response is a safety training and management company with agents and trainers on the Central Coast, in the Hunter and throughout Australia providing risk audits, emergency management procedure documents, pre- and post incident planning, certificates and approvals and business recovery services.
It is the latest company to enter a strategic partnership with JobsOnTheCoast.com.au and JobsInTheHunter.com.au because of shared business values.
Just as the jobs websites are building to become a one-stop site for all things to do with jobs and hiring, Safe Response aims to be a complete package to help with workplace safety and incident management.
Safe Response Pty Ltd Director Jesse McNeilly said there were almost 128,000 work-related accidents in 2010-2011, resulting in 220 deaths and a cost of more than $60 billion or almost 5 per cent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product.
It is impossible for even moderately large companies to have the expertise and experience to train for and manage every potential crisis, and that is where a specialist company is indispensible.
“Our strict benchmark means we have decades of fire, paramedic, policing and military experience, which makes us highly sought-after,” Mr McNeilly said.
JobsOnTheCoast.com.au’s Partnerships Director David Smeeth says there are many intersections where businesses cross paths in modern commerce, and there are many more intersections at which any business can reasonably position itself.
“That’s why careful selection must be made of businesses with which you are linked.
“We are delighted Safe Response has become a partner because workplace safety and employee welfare are important for attracting the best candidates for any job vacancy and for retaining the necessary skills and experience in any business’s workforce,” Mr Smeeth said.
JobsOnTheCoast provides specific services to business wanting to recruit, whether it is through a variety of ‘self-service’ products or requiring a more involved and consultative approach.


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Exceptional growth in passenger numbers has underpinned the next phase of expansion at Newcastle Airport.
Provision will be made in the new terminal for Customs and Immigration inspections, enabling overseas flights to and from the terminal.
The expanded terminal will be more than 50 per cent larger.
Work started a few weeks ago on the $11.1 million expansion that will make the airport more attractive to many on the Central Coast who now choose to fly from Sydney.
As well as expanded arrival and departure spaces, the new terminal will have a transport hub constructed for buses, taxis and hire cars.
Almost 1.2 million passengers passed through the terminal at Williamtown, which had its last major expansion almost 10 years ago at the time of low-cost domestic airlines were introduced.
Passenger numbers have grown from 406,000 annually at that decade and have been consistently above a million a year for the past five years.
The NSW Government has funded the project through its Regional Infrastructure Development Scheme and it’s expected to be completed in the second half of 2015.
More than 80 direct jobs will be created directly as well as hundreds of jobs indirectly through manufacturing off-site.
The airport employs 42 people, not including the numbers working for retain and food outlets at the terminal.
The airport is jointly owned Newcastle City and Port Stephens councils, but it is about to open up to private equity up to 40 per cent.
David Nye, the airport’s manager of aviation and airport development, said negotiations with airlines could see direct interstate flights from Newcastle to Adelaide and Perth as well as the existing routes to Brisbane and Melbourne.
Brisbane and Melbourne routes account for 80 per cent of passengers through Newcastle and the Gold Coast service has had almost 30 per cent growth mainly from an increase in flights by Jetstar on this route.

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Here is this week’s update from Tim O’Brien (Founder of JobsInTheHunter.com.au) relating to the Hunter employment market.

We hope these updates will be of interest and benefit to local businesses and job seekers.  To view this week’s (approximately 70 second) video on our new YouTube channel, simply click the following link …

Hunter Weekly Update 18th August 2014

Click here to view the Hunter Weekly Update 11th August 2014

Tim O’Brien (Founder of JobsInTheHunter.com.au) has released the first in a new series of personal weekly video updates relating to the Hunter employment market.

Distributed every Monday, we hope these updates will be of interest and benefit to local businesses and job seekers.  To view this week’s (approximately 90 second) video on our new YouTube channel, simply click the following link …

Hunter Weekly Update – 11th August 2014

The introduction of a Work for the Dole scheme could be a leg-up into paid work that many long-term unemployed people need, says JobsOnTheCoast Founder Tim O’Brien.

Mr O’Brien started the JobsOnTheCoast.com.au website three years ago and it has since expanded to the Hunter-Newcastle and Queensland Sunshine Coast areas.

The site published over 6,000 jobs last year and is a prime site for jobseekers and hirers in the three locations.

Mr O’Brien said as the job market tightens and there are more qualifications for benefits, jobseekers need to show as much commitment as they can, and this is one way they can do that.

Long-term joblessness does not allow a job applicant to show they have the will and the discipline for a position for which he or she has applied.

“As a consequence, employers go for someone who has a job or who has had one until recently because they expect that applicant to be more job-ready,” he said.

“A work for the dole scheme can show the willingness and discipline to a person or business with a job vacancy.”

There has been some negative reaction to the re-introduction of Work for the Dole since it was announced earlier in the year and any scheme can only be as good as its program and administration, he said.

“For unemployed individuals, it can offer opportunity that’s not available any other way except for volunteering,” he said

Mr O’Brien is also a member of a local volunteering association that recruits and manages volunteers, as well as promotes best practices in volunteering. 

“Volunteering offers a similar chance to demonstrate a person is prepared to turn up on time, make an effort and take on responsibilities – all valuable qualities to be able to demonstrate when looking for work,” he said.

There was also the important benefit of feeling that the person was making a contribution to society and large and his or her community in particular.

“It shouldn’t be underestimated what that sense of worth and the confidence it instills is worth when going for a job,” he said.

The federal government announced it was re-introducing the Work for the Dole scheme initially as a pilot in a handful of regions from July this year, with full roll out scheduled for 1 July 2015.

140520 JOTSC Mayor Mark Jamieson, Tim O¹Brien and Anthony Dow

The success of locality-based jobs website JobsInTheHunter.com.au has prompted expansion interstate to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

The founder of the now three websites, Mr Tim O’Brien, launched the Queensland operation at a ceremony on the TAFE campus at Mooloolaba attended by 100 people from government, industry, training and recruitment sectors.

The Queensland operation is headed by Regional Manager Anthony Dow, who was CEO of Regional Development Australia on the NSW Central Coast before a move to Queensland two years ago.

“After being at the launch on the Central Coast while CEO of Regional Development Australia, it is such a pleasure to be leading the rollout of this third site,” said Mr Dow.

Mr O’Brien started the first website on the NSW Central Coast more than three years ago and replicated the operation in the Hunter about 21 months ago.

“The success is built on a simple premise,” Mr O’Brien said, “People choose where they want to live for all sorts of lifestyle reasons – and they want to work as close to home as possible.”

Illustrating the success of the two sites has been the growth in the number of on-line jobs, with the Central Coast site topping out at more than 300 and to Hunter listing about 450 vacancies in its peak season.

The site is supported by business partners who provide services for jobseekers and employers as well as training and skill development.

The aim is to make it the definitive site for advice and guidance for all matters related to finding work or recruiting.

Mr O’Brien said as well as expansion to the third region there was a continuous process of refinement to improve the websites for those looking for work or advancement and those seeking to hire.

 “Feedback from the growing army of users is monitored so we can make adjustments and improvements,” he said.