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It’s been a short but busy week – where did it go?!  But look no further for the latest job opportunities in the fabulous Hunter Region  - they are right here!


There’s so much to do in the Hunter Region this weekend it’s ridiculous!  We’ve got the Hunter Valley Moon Festival, Smokin’ and Blues Festival,  Spring Festival of Flowers and the Hunter Wine Country Markets – just to name a few!

What if you are looking for work or someone new to join your team and still ant to join in the fun?  No probs – just go wireless and find what you need right there relaxing on your picnic blanket enjoying the view.  The beauty of Jobs In The Hunter is that you can check in and apply, join or search any time anywhere.  So click here to see your Weekly Update  and find what’s waiting for you…

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Are you looking for a new position?
Click here and use your intuition.

You may have the need to increase staff?
Well click here now, it’s not a craft.

Looking for some industry tips?
Click here now and learn some tricks.

We have got it all for you…
At JOBS IN THE HUNTER- we share it too!


Spring has sprung, the grass is ris, I wonder where a new job is?

Right here at Jobs In The Hunter of course!

Click here to check out our Weekly Update and visit our website for available positions, news and ideas on all things job related. Whether you are an employer, employee or future employee we have something for you.


Yes!  I know what you are thinking (even those of us who love our job do it)…”IT’S FRIDAY”!   At Jobs In The Hunter, we have our Weekly Update ready for you to read before the weekend hits!  Whether you are looking forward to a birthday party, a mountain climb, a movie marathon or a night out on the town (or all of the above!) over the weekend, CLICK HERE to get updated with Jobs In The Hunter…Friday is here and the time is now!

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The full moon last night was spectacular and with it, brings new beginnings.

Confucius say…“If you shoot for the stars and hit the moon, it’s OK. But you’ve got to shoot for something. A lot of people don’t even shoot.”  So CLICK HERE to view our Weekly Update from Jobs In The Hunter and move towards YOUR next phase…whether you’re looking for a new job, need some ideas on reducing stress in the workplace or are searching for your ideal employee, we can light the way.

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Yaaa!  It’s the Olympics and aren’t we doing oarsomely?

At Jobs In The Hunter we are running as fast as we can to slam dunk as many jobs, opportunities and information onto our online jobs notice board and pass it on to you.  Click here to see our Weekly Update!  We want to help you land your next employment hurdle with a perfect score for your new job or employee.  So take the leap, dive in (without a splash), go for gold and feel like a weight has been lifted from  your shoulders…it’s all smooth sailing from here!!  Cheering!

today is the day

Today is the day!  If you haven’t found that perfect job or employee here to read our Weekly Update from Jobs In The Hunter.

You can view our latest jobs, news and opportunities PLUS you can share them with friends!  As Mark Twain once said “The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”.  That day could be TODAY – so don’t delay – the only thing that separates your dreams and your reality is the ACTION you take!

ride the wave

At Jobs In The Hunter we are amped because the opportunities out there are cranking!  Don’t get caught inside the idea that the right job or employer is not out there – they are!  Layback and click here to see your Weekly Update from Jobs In The Hunter.  Ride the wave with us and you will be on your way to creating an epic future.


The sun has been shining and the warmth in the air brings a spring to your step.  Let the good times keep rolling and let us help you achieve your employment goals by clicking here and checking out our Weekly Update here at Jobs In The Hunter.

If there is one thing Homer Simpson said right it was “All my life I’ve had one dream, to achieve my many goals.”… so set them and go get them!

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Loads of new jobs, helpful tips and industry news is what we are all about here at Jobs In The Hunter.  If you are keen for a new job or employee, would like tips on writing a modern resume with a WOW factor, or just feel like browsing what else we have to offer make sure you check out our Weekly Newsletter!

Click here to get your Weekly Update from Jobs In The Hunter and have a fantastic weekend.

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Hi there friends in the Hunter Valley and Newcastle!

Are you looking for a new job?  Or a new employee?  Well I’ve got some exciting news…our Weekly Update from Jobs In The Hunter can help!

Click here, keep calm and read all about it.


It’s Friday!

What better way to celebrate than clicking here to view the Jobs In The Hunter Weekly Newsletter.  As always, it includes available positions in the Hunter Valley – you can apply for and post jobs online, making things easy for you.

Have a fantastic weekend and welcome to the second half of 2016!

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Tired of scanning the papers for work?  Sick of searching relentlessly for new staff?  Click here for your weekly update with Jobs In the Hunter and make the first step towards successfully finding what you need!

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It may have been a week of crazy wild weather but here at Jobs In The Hunter we have been keeping things on the level, by doing what we do best… finding new jobs and applicants for YOU!  Click here to get your weekly update.

somewhere over the rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow is the job or employee that YOU WANT!  Get to the place that you’ve heard of by clicking here and see what Jobs In The Hunter have to offer this week.  We have jobs, info and news so make sure you keep updated cause Jobs In The Hunter is where… you’ll… find… it…


Even if we don’t get a perfect 10 EVERY time… we CAN strive for it.  The perfect job for you IS out there!  At Jobs In The Hunter, we have new job listings everyday so click here to get your weekly update and land the 10 out of 10 job for you!

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Don’t let the hunt for a new job or the search for the right employee become a Never Ending Story…let us help you at Jobs In The Hunter!  We have NEW job vacancies every day and an amazing 2 for 1 offer on at the moment.  Click here to get your weekly update and find out more.

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Hi there in the Hunter!  Click here to get your latest updates from Jobs In The Hunter.  With us it’s smooth sailing all the way… whether on the search for your new job or looking for your perfect candidate!


Despite the school holidays, it’s still busy in the jobs market place!  Here is some of the activity from this week.

Click here for your latest update from Jobs In The Hunter!